The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Spoilers: Too Far Gone

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This article contains spoilers from the comic book series, so if you want to avoid Walking Dead comic book spoilers stop reading now. It also contains some spoilers for Walking Dead Season 4 to date. In addition, we've included some speculation and predictions for The Walking Dead midseason finale for Season 4, based on the idea that the TV series might follow a similar pattern to the comic. The "Live Bait" and "Dead Weight" episodes of The Walking Dead did a pretty good job in foreshadowing what is coming next. During the "Dead Weight" episode, The Governor told Lilly that they could find a better place if they were willing to fight for it, which is a clear reference to the prison. Despite Lilly saying where they are at is home, Megan nearly getting bitten by a walker was the final straw. The Governor is definitely planning to attack the prison, because he believes it could be a safe place for his new family. Showrunner Scott Gimple and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman have indicated that some episodes of Season 4 will closely follow what happened in the comics, and we're betting the midseason finale is one of those episodes At the end of "Dead Weight" episode, The Governor points a gun at Michonne and Hershel, ending the episode in a cliffhanger. Will The Governor actually shoot either Michonne or Hershel? Well, we definitely think Michonne is safe, because there's been hints at other stories that will be told involving her. It's possible that The Governor might shoot Hershel. Before the Governor-themed episodes, the "Internment" episode featured Hershel front and center, and Walking Dead characters sometimes get their moment to shine right before they get killed off. However, in the comics, The Governor took Tyreese hostage as a way to try to get into the prison. Tyreese hasn't been on the show that long, so like Michonne, we think there is more story to be told with him. However, The Governor might take Hershel captive instead. In the comics, The Governor ultimately wound up decapitating Tyreese with Michonne's katana. Since both Michonne and Hershel are out alone in the woods together, it does seem to be setting up the scenario where The Governor might take Hershel captive and also take Michonne's katana, which he might ultimately use to decapitate Hershel. During the "Dead Weight" episode, it was also established that Mitch was a tank operator before the zombie apocalypse. He took his tank with him when everything went crazy, and the tank has been shown at their campsite. The Governor will almost certainly use the tank to knock down the fences at the prison just like he did in the comic book series. In The Governor's attack on the prison in the comic book series, several members of Rick's group got killed off, but many of those characters are already dead on the show. One pivotal scene in the comics was that Lilly shot and killed Lori and baby Judith. Since Lori is already dead on the show, Lilly obviously can't kill her. However, Beth Greene is always carrying baby Judith around. In the midseason finale, an interesting twist could be that Lilly shoots Beth, not realizing that she's trying to carry baby Judith to safety. Just like in the comics, this could cause Lilly to realize what an evil person The Governor is. In the comics, Lilly kills The Governor, but we're not sure if that will happen on the show. We could see Lilly turning on The Governor, but it would probably be more climatic and rewarding to viewers to have either Michonne or Rick kill The Governor. It's also possible that Carl might prove to be the hero in killing The Governor, as it's been teased that Carl has some big moments in Season 4. Our prediction is that the midseason finale ends with Beth, baby Judith, and maybe Hershel dead, and The Governor locked in some type of life and death battle with either Michonne, Rick, or Carl.