The Walking Dead Midseason Finale's Five Most Shocking Moments

The Walking Dead’s midseason finale certainly delivered on the big moments. As Rick and his crew [...]

The Walking Dead's midseason finale certainly delivered on the big moments. As Rick and his crew came to an explosive conflict with the Atlanta police, nearly everyone faced mortal danger. While it was difficult to narrow down all the juicy (literal and figurative) moments, here were "Coda's" biggest jaw-droppers.

1) In Cold Blood

The episode opened with quite a crescendo—the roaring sound of Rick's stolen police cruiser, to be exact. When Sgt. Lamson tries making a run from captivity, Rick hops in a police cruiser for a pursuit like the good old days. The only difference between Officer Rick and Survivor Rick, however, is that Survivor Rick mows his perps down. But even that wasn't enough for Rick. As Lamson begged for his life, Rick shot him point-blank in the head before telling the corpse to "shut up." Cold-blooded murder, with a whiff of sadism, is certainly a new line for Rick to cross, once again proving that he'll do anything in the name of self-preservation.

2) Michonne Slices and Dices

When Father Stokes leads a horde of zombies into Rick's formerly-safe church, it provides Michonne the perfect opportunity to unleash her signature katana. While the swordplay may not have exactly been shocking, it was definitely the biggest fist-raising moment of the night. Watching Michonne tear through zombies is like watching the world's best contact sport that mankind will never (thankfully) get. Now we get why people flock to this show more than Sunday Night Football.

3) Officer O'Donnell Takes The Express Elevator

When O'Donnell's sadistic behavior reaches a boiling point, Officer Dawn tells him enough is enough before aiming her pistol at him. Donald being the big jerk that he is, doesn't take too kindly to being drawn on and attacks Dawn. Just when it looks like Donald might overcome the officer, Beth enters the scrap and shoves O'Donnell down an open elevator shaft. If taking the express route wasn't enough to put the crooked cop down, the group of awaiting zombies certainly sealed the deal. After being held as a captive for so long, it was great to see Beth shows some guts (the good kind for this show) once again.

4) R.I.P. Beth

Well, we knew that negotiation wasn't going to smoothly, now did we? Just when it seemed like Rick and Dawn's group were about about to split peacefully, Beth jammed a pair of operating scissors in the Sargent's side. Dawn instinctively reacted by putting a hole in Beth's head—to which Daryl instinctively reacted by putting a hole in Dawn's head. After seeing so much progress be make with Beth, it was surprising to see her go in such an abrupt fashion.

5) Morgan Returns

In a follow-up to the season premiere's after-credits scene, The Walking Dead finally caught up with Morgan in another stinger. When we last saw Morgan, he was following the marked trees on a path to Terminus. It only took him half of a season, but Morgan finally reached his destination by reaching the schoolyard and Father Stokes' church. When Morgan enters the church, he finds a map with Rick's name on it, confirming his hopes that his former friend is still alive and well. Morgan pursuit of Rick and continues, and we can't wait to see the inevitable reunion between the two in season's second half.