The Walking Dead: New Photos Preview The Second Half of the Season


A series of new photos from AMC's The Walking Dead, the ratings juggernaut based on the Image Comics/Skybound comic book series by the same name, have been released at The Hollywood Reporter, giving fans a peek at the second half of the third season, which kicks off in February. The photos are clearly from a promotional shoot and not actually anything that appears on TV, but it's the first piece of art we've yet seen that puts Michonne, the Governor and Rick--the central players in this year's drama--in one spot together. The series, executive produced by its comic book writer and creator Robert Kirkman, shocked the television establishment this year by becoming the first cable series ever to become the highest-rated show of the year, beating out all of its broadcast competition in 2012. "As soon as I became showrunner, I felt our horror element demanded this style of accelerated storytelling," executive producer Glen Mazzara told THR. "If you have a good twist, move it up instead of saving it and building to it. Throw it at the audience when they -- and the characters -- least expect it." [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="title"]