The Walking Dead: New Season Four Promo Posted Online in Low Quality

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A new trailer for the upcoming second half of AMC's The Walking Dead, Season Four, has been posted online by a fan who runs a Portugese-language YouTube channel dedicated to the series. You can check out the 30-second TV spot, which appears to have been filmed off the TV with someone's cell phone, below. Using much of the same footage that's already been officially released in other trailers, the spot opens with Beth voicing desperate, almost pitiful hope and ends with Rick expressing a lack of the same. In between? Lots of action, quick cuts and walkers. And not a lot of anybody being happy. The honeymoon period of the first half of the season is very much over, it seems, and the characters are no longer harboring any delusions about their ability to re-establish the kind of community that they had at the prison. The Walking Dead returns February 9 on AMC.