The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: First Time Again

Flashback. Rick shoots Pete. Morgan says, "Rick?"

Now. Rick leads the group near a massive horde of walkers in a quarry. He lays out the plan. They hear a rumble in the distance a truck starts to fall from the ledge. It opened the containment of the walkers. Rick insists they have to "do this now!" The group starts taking action.

Glenn tells Nick he has to do everything he says if he i going to help. Everyone takes their places and Rick calls for flares. The walkers start towards the group and Rick tells Tobin to move the truck. Walkers flood out.

The credits roll.

Flashback. Deanna mourns her fallen husband. Gabriel approaches and she tells him he was wrong.

Abraham carries a body to its grave. Reg's ring can be seen on his hand. Abraham takes a drink and pours some for Reg.

Jessie and her kids mourn the loss of Pete. Ron leaves.

Rosita cares for Tara. Glenn helps Nick into the infirmary. Maggie comes in and checks on Glenn. Eugene is happy to see Tara is okay. She jokes about being grateful nothing happened to his here. She asks about Noah but they're all reluctant to tell her about his demise.

Carl sits with Enid who is playing with a lighter. She takes his hand.

The map Morgan was carrying sits on a table as Daryl and Morgan eat. Morgan tells Rick he was right, "It wasn't over." Rick wants to talk more tomorrow. "I don't take chances anymore," he tells Morgan, who agrees.

Abraham sits by the grave, admiring Reg's wedding ring. He's drunk. Sasha walks by and looks at him.

Now. A walker stumbles up the street and Abraham hangs out a window, shooting it down. Rick tells everyone they know where to rendezvous over a walkie talkie. Glenn has to get ahead of the walkers at the tractor place. They're split into groups. Daryl slowly rides his bike down a street.

Flashback. Daryl works on his bike. They talk about the people with the W's on their heads Daryl, Aaron, and Morgan encountered. Rick doesn't want to look for people anymore but Daryl thinks they should.

Now. Abraham and Sasha race down the street. Abraham tries to keep her cool but she tells him not to be worried. "Doing something as big as this, that's living," she says. Daryl is bring "a parade" to them, as said of the walkie talkie.

Flashback. Morgan trains with his stick as Rick walks in. He asks where Morgan learned that. He tells him from a friend. Rick apologizes for having to keep Morgan isolated. Morgan understands. Eugene stands by the gate and Heath pulls up. His team has been on the run the last couple of weeks. Heath wants to get inside but Eugene insists he doesn't have permission, ultimately allowing Heath and his driver inside, anyway. Scott and Annie introduce themselves to Eugene. Eugene says there is 13 in his group but corrects himself and says 12. Heath closes the gate and asks if anything big happened while they were gone. Eugene suggests he hears it from Deanna. Eugene compliments Heath's hair.

Morgan and Rick walk the streets. Morgan is learning about the community and who put up the wall. Father Gabriel and Tobin are digging graves. Rick insists they will not bury killers (Pete) inside these walls. Tobin disagrees but Deanna comes in to tell him Rick is right. She wants Pete's body taken out west. Ron, Pete's son, looks on.

Rick explains to Morgan, over Pete's body in the trunk, that he shot him because he killed Reg. They don't have room for killers according to Rick but Morgan insists they're both killers themselves.

Now. Rick asks Glenn where is over walkie. Rick, Morgan, and Michonne stand by a makeshift wall. Rick is confident it will stand. Morgan asks Michonne if she took one his protein bars. He could've sworn there was one more peanut butter left.

Flashback. Ron walks outside the walls and sees rick and Morgan transporting Pete's body. Rick just wants to leave Pete's body there but Morgan says, "That's not who you are. I know." Rick tells Morgan, "You don't," but Morgan starts digging anyway. Rick hears something in the distance and tells Morgan to stop. They follow the noise and find the quarry full of walkers, then Ron running. Rick tackles Ron and saves him from running off of a cliff. Morgan and Rick dispatch of a few walkers.

Now. Daryl slowly leads an enormous pack of walkers down the street.

Flashback. Rick, Morgan and Daryl look at the zombies. Rick asks Ron what he's doing out there and Ron tells Rick he wanted to know where his dad was buried. Rick concludes that this quarry is how Alexandria is still standing. Most the walkers in the area must wind up here. Ron starts to walk away. Rick tells him he shouldn't be out there but Ron says he doesn't care what Rick thinks. Rick tells him if he continues to come out there he's going to die and turn into a walker. Rick demands he come back with himself and Morgan.

The three walk through the woods. Rick looks to Pete's body and decides to bury him.

Now. Rick sits on top of the RV and tells Glenn he has to hurry. Nicholas, Glenn, and Heath are trying to empty the store they're at which is full of walkers, taking them out a few at a time. Nick will let one or two out of the door at a time. Heath questions it, "This was supposed to be a dress rehearsal," to which Glenn responds, "I'm supposed to be delivering pizzas, man." They open the door and find a metal door pulled down.

Flashback. The community is gathered in a house. Heath describes to quarry. His last team died there. "D.C.... Every town with scavenging is in the other direction," he says. Rick believes they have to kill the walkers because once the containment breaks, the walkers will be sent straight to them. Carol says it's terrifying but agrees there is no other way. Carter speaks up and suggests fortifying the containment. He lays out the plan. Daryl will lead them away. Sasha and Abraham volunteer to help him. Rick wants Rosita, Spencer and Holly on watch from now on, so they're out. He asks for more volunteers. Michonne signs up first. Glenn talks Maggie into staying back with Deanna. Father Gabriel offers to help but Rick shuts him down. Carter questions Rick and whether or not they should follow after he waved a gun around in the street and shot a man in the face. Deanna quiets him down. Heath and Annie join. Nicholas next, to Glenn's dismay. Rick is confident the plan will work.

Now. Orange ballons float from the RV. Daryl and Sasha finish leading the horde to the wall. Rick, Morgan and Michonne fire flairs.

Flashback. Rick lays out the plan on a map. Carter questions what happens when they get through. Eugene offers to use the plates from the construction site to fortify the wall. Rick insists Carter help him fortify the wall and Morgan and Deanna help convince him.

Now. The flares fly as Sasha and Daryl start down the other street from the horde. The walkers are slamming against the wall. Michonne and Morgan get a little nervous. Walkers smash into the wall and trample each other. Most continue to follow Daryl and Michonne down Redding.

Flashback. Rick, Jessie and other dig holes to put plant the wall in the ground. Daryl tells Rick that finding more people would be taking care of themselves. Carol offers Rick a drink and offers to join. "She's in charge. But you're in charge now," Carol tells Rick.

Now. Glenn, Heath and Nicholas plan to break the glass. Glenn wants only him and Heath to take out the walkers and Nicholas to call and notify Rick if things go bad.

Flashback. Maggie tells Tara about Nick's attempt to kill Glenn. Tar is skeptical about why they allowed Nick to get away with what happened to Noah and trying to kill Glenn. Maggie tells Tara how important she is to her and that things can get better. Gives her the option to report Nicholas and Tara says she'll follow Maggie's lead. Glenn looks on.

Now. Glenn and Heath take out the horde of walkers coming out of the store's window. They need to reload and walkers get close. Nicholas saves Heath. One last walker comes out of the store and Glenn instructs Nicholas to put it down. He does. The three jog off.

Flashback. Morgan is sweating. Carol gives him a drink. Morgan asks how long she's been with Rick and if she's a cop. He has noticed how aware she is.

Now. Sasha and Abraham continue to lead the horde. Abraham notices a few walkers going rogue and goes after them himself, leading them back to the street with a reflective sheet and jumping back in the car. He reflects on Reg and Pete getting killed and jokes about having Pete's brains in his ear. Sasha is not amused. "I'm just grabbing the bull by the nut sack. I'm living darling, just like you," he tells Sasha.

Flashback. Rick apologizes to Deanna for what happened to Reg. He reassures her she made the right decision by following this plan. He goes on to insist people need to be armed inside the walls. Rick notices some walkers coming out of the woods. He wants Carter to take them out but Carter needs help. Morgan, Michonne, Rick, and Daryl rush to the aid. "You said you don't take chances anymore," Morgan accuses Rick.

Carter debates Rick's plan with Spencer and others and Eugene overhears it. He wants to kill Rick. Eugene drops a jar on the ground and Carter approaches him. Eugene is terrified. Rick finds Carter pointing his gun at Eugene, with Daryl and Morgan behind him. Rick confronts Carter. He attacks Carter and points his gun at him questioning why he thinks he could take the community from him and his people. Carter takes the fall and says, "It was me. Just kill me." Daryl calls Rick off. "I'm good," Rick says. He offers Carter the chance to work with them.

Now. Walkers everywhere. Glenn, Nick, and Heath, meet Rick, Carter, and more in the woods. Carter tells Rick he was right and shakes his hand. Rick wants everyone to make sure the parade stays in line. Carter runs passed a marked tree and gets bitten in the face by a zombie. Rick calls for back-up.

Flashback. Morgan shines his stick. Rick stands by with Judith in hand and tosses Morgan the keys to get his stuff and a place to stay at his house. Michonne looks on. Rick allows Morgan to hold Judith. "This is Morgan, he's a friend of mine," he says. Morgan tells Rick he is the same man he met in King County. Rick says he wanted to kill Carter to make things easier and not have to worry about him. He realized, however, he didn't have to. "Somebody like that, they're gonna die no matter what," he tells Morgan.

Now. Carter is getting eaten and then Rick gets the zombie off of him but won't stop screaming. Rick stabs him in the back of the head. Morgan and Michonne look on. Tobin asks what happened over the walkie talkie and Rick tells him. Rick sends Morgan back to tell everyone what happened. Morgan is uneasy about what happened to Carter.

Daryl continues leading the horde down the street.

Flashback. Jessie goes over the gun inventory. Rick walks in to get more flares. She hands them to him. He says he wanted to just let things be. Ron told her what happened and she agrees he shouldn't be out there but he can't talk to Ron like that or touch him. It can't come from him no matter how necessary. Jessie tells Rick she has Rosita teaching her and her two sons how to shoot.

Now. Michonne and Rick watch the walkers from the woods.

Flashback. Rick finalizes the plan with everyone where Sasha and Abraham will take the horde 20 miles further. Abraham pulls Sasha aside and asks if she's going this because she wants to die. She smiles and says, "No."

Now. Sasha and Abraham continue down the home stretch, alongside Daryl.

Flashback. Rick tells the group why they need to clear our the store Glenn, Heath, and Nick cleared. Glenn tells Nick he'll get him ready and that's when Nick can make things right.

Now. Glenn, Nick, Heath, and Scott continue through the woods.


Flashback. Rick prepares the group with a final speech.

Now. The walkers flock down the path as the group follows beside them. Suddenly, a horn sounds. The group panics as walkers begin to quickly stray from the road. Michonne and Rick realize the horn must be coming from Alexandria. Walkers stumble past an Alexandria sign into the woods.