The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Indifference

Walking Dead Indifference Daryl

The "Indifference" episode of The Walking Dead opens with Rick replacing the bandages on his injured hand. Carol is by herself, staring at a brass knuckle knife, when Lizzie shows up right outside the glass window to the room. Lizzie tells Carol that they told her to come down to see her. Carol tells Lizzie that she's going on a supply run with Rick. Lizzie asks if she thinks Daryl is dead, but Carol reassures Lizzie that Daryl just had a long way to travel. Carol says she's just going with Rick to get food and whatever else they can find. Lizzie tells Carol that no one has died yet in the quarantine area, but that she thinks a lot of people are going to die. Lizzie says it makes her sad when people die, but at least they get to come back. Carol explains when they come back people aren't who they were before. Lizzie protests, "Yeah, but they're something. They're someone." Rick has a vision of Carol stabbing Karen in the back of her head and then dragging her body down the prison hallway. Meanwhile, Carol is lecturing Lizzie on how she can't be afraid to kill to protect herself or her sister. Lizzie says she understands. Carol tells Lizzie that she is strong and reassures her that they will all survive. Rick is busy loading the station wagon up with an assortment of large knives. Carol asks Lizzie to put her t-shirt behind her knife, because she needs to be able to get to it quickly. Lizzie mistakenly calls Carol "Mom," which Carol asks her not to do. Lizzie explains it was just an accident. Lizzie tells Carol, "I'm not afraid to kill. I'm just afraid." Carol tells her that she needs to fight and not give up and that one day it will change for her. Tyreese is by a stream, washing the blood out of his shirt. Daryl yells at Tyreese that they need to go. Tyreese keeps wringing his shirt, so Bob Stookey yells at him as well. Stookey tells Tyreese that there should be a town a few miles south, but Tyreese is upset they lost a whole night, and he thinks his sister and everybody else is probably dead. Stookey says it helps to keep moving. Tyreese replies, "No, it doesn't." Meanwhile, Rick and Carol are driving on a supply run. Carol brings up that Maggie wanted to come, but Rick says someone had to stay back to watch over things. Carol remarks, "Someone you trust, you mean." Then, she adds, "They would have drowned in their own blood. They were suffering. I made it quick. We needed the bodies gone. We needed to stop it from spreading. They were the only ones that were sick. They were a threat. I was trying to save lives. I had to try. Somebody had to." After a long pause of silence, Rick mutters, "Maybe." Daryl, Michonne, Stookey, and Tyreese are walking down an old country road, when Daryl bends down to pick up some Jasper. Michonne tells him that it's a good color and brings out his eyes. Daryl says they can use the Jasper for a marker. Rick and Carol come across a station wagon. Rick notes that the windshield is wiped down so it couldn't have been there for more than a couple days. Daryl and his group come across a car that is covered in tree limbs. Daryl tries to hotwire the car, but it needs a new battery. As Daryl goes to look in the window of a nearby gas station for a battery, a walker suddenly appears in the window. The gas station is all covered in vines and tree limbs, so Daryl tells the others to clear a path so they can get inside to look for a battery. Tyreese seems completely out of control, hacking through the vines and tree limbs. Daryl warns him to go easy that they don't know what they are dealing with inside.  As Tyreese cuts through some wire that had been holding the gas station door close, a walker's hand reaches out and grabs at Daryl. Michonne chops the walker's arm off, but another walker grabs Stookey. Daryl and Michonne take care of the walkers, while Tyreese still continues to struggle to get inside. Tyreese grabs ahold of a walker and won't let go. The walker tumbles out of the vines, landing on top of Tyreese. Daryl pulls the walker off Tyreese, and Stookey shoots the walker in the head. Michonne is angry and asks Tyreese why he didn't let go of the walker. Tyreese doesn't answer. Rick and Carol make their way inside a house to look for medicine and supplies. Rick pulls some drugs from a medicine cabinet, but before they can leave, a walker appears at the top of the staircase. The walker tumbles down the stairs and nearly falls on Carol, but Rick pulls Carol away.  Carol takes her knife and stabs the walker in the head. There is another noise from upstairs. While Rick and Carol are prepared for more walkers, it actually turns out to be a couple of humans (a man and a woman). They offer Rick and Carol some fruit that they found. They toss down a piece of fruit, but Rick doesn't catch it, instead keeping the gun on the pair. The scene flashes forward, and Carol is now bandaging up the shoulder of the man from the house. Carol asks how his cuts happened, and the woman explains that they got ambushed by skineaters while they were in a greenhouse looking for fruit. The man explains he got cut on some glass in the greenhouse and says his shoulder still hurts. Carol says it's dislocated, and the woman asks if she can fix it. Carol gets the man to lay down on the kitchen table, and she pops his shoulder back into location. Rick continues to quiz the couple on when they left the greenhouse and how they got stuck in the house. The man says they were searching the house, when they got surprised by the deadie in the PJs, so they dove into the bathroom. When Rick asks how long they were up there before they showed up, the woman answers it was like two days. Carol questions why they didn't use their guns since there was just one walker, but the woman replies they only have about twelve bullets, and it usually takes them five or six bullets to bring one of them down. Then, Carol asks why they didn't use their knives. The man reveals they got separated from their crew about a week ago and have been trying to play it safe, because the woman hurt her leg. The woman explains they were at a refugee center together. She says there was a fire, and people were just trampling over her, and Sam saved her life. After Rick asks where they are heading, Sam says they just keep moving. Sam asks what their setup is like. After explaining that they call them walkers instead of skineaters, he starts asking Sam the three questions they ask everyone they find. Daryl and Stookey are in the gas station, and Daryl finds a battery. Tyreese and Michoone are still chopping away at vines and tree limbs outside. Michonne tells Tyreese again that he should have let the walker go. Tyreese yells at Michonne, asking if she is an expert, but Michonne replies that she just doesn't want to see him die. Michonne lectures Tyreese that anger makes him stupid, and stupid gets him killed. Tyreese suggests that Michoone is angry herself about The Governor. Michonne says that if The Governor where here that she would cut him in two, but that she's not angry. When Tyreese asks why Michonne is still going out looking for him then, she says she doesn't know. Inside the gas station, Stookey and Daryl come across a walker pinned under some debris. Daryl walks by the walker, but Stookey looks at some photographs and stabs the walker in the head out of sympathy. Back at the house, Sam asks Rick if they passed their test. Rick tells him that their group is in a prison, but if they come back with them, they can't guarantee their safety. He explains that there is a flu that's killing some of their group, including kids. The woman asks if Carol lost one of her kids, but Carol says no. Then, she adds that one of her girls has it, but she's strong and will make it. Rick is surprised that Carol doesn't mention Sophia. The couple says they want in. Rick tells them to sit tight, and they'll circle back. However, Carol suggests they could help them sweep the rest of the neighborhood. Rick says he doesn't think it's a good idea because of Sam's shoulder. The couple insists that they want to help, and Rick reluctantly agrees and gives them their guns back. Rick tells them to meet back in two hours and gives Sam a watch to measure the time. Daryl is working on putting the new battery in the car, when he asks Stookey about the group he was with before they found him alone on the highway. Stookey explains that he was with multiple groups. He says he was alone because he was done being a witness. He had been with two different groups and both times he was the last one standing. Stookey tells Daryl that he did the run to the Big Spot so he could get alcohol for himself. He says he picked up a bottle in the Big Spot, but then he put it down so hard that it took the whole shelf with it. Stookey says that's what brought on the walkers and got Zach killed. Daryl tells him that's BS, and he asks Stookey to get in the car and try the engine. Stookey gets the car running, and Daryl whistles for Tyreese and Michonne. Daryl tells Stookey that him and Sasha picked the Big Spot and decided to take him with them. He says there was no way Stookey could have known what was going to happen and that he doesn't need to be standing alone anymore. Rick and Carol are rummaging for more medicine. Carol says what she has found is expired by at least a year, but Rick says they still need to take it and let Hershel decide. Rick asks if she thought it was right letting the couple they found come back with them, and Carol says she thinks it was the humane thing to do. Rick asks again if she thought it was right, and Carol says if they're strong enough to help them survive then it was the right call.

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Carol brings up that she killed two people and Rick hasn't said a word about it. Rick asks Carol what she wants him to say, and Carol says it's not about what he says, but it's about facing reality so they can live. Carol tells Rick that he can be a farmer, but he can't just be a farmer. Carol says Rick was a good leader. Rick says he never murdered two of their own, and Carol replies, "Just one." Rick snaps back, "He was going to kill me." Carol replies, "So were they. They were going to kill all of us." Rick says, "You don't know that." Carol asks if Rick would have done it if he had thought it would save Rick or Carl. Carol says he doesn't have to like what she did, but he should just accept it. Daryl and his group reach the veterinary hospital and go inside. Stookey spots a bottle of alcohol under some books and quietly slips it into his bag. Rick and Carol stop to pick some tomatoes. Rick asks Carol how she learned to put Sam's shoulder back in. Carol says she learned it on the Internet, and she makes reference to being abused by her husband Ed. Carol says she was afraid to leave him because she was afraid of being alone. Rick asks why Carol didn't say her daughter's name earlier, and Carol says Sophia's dead. Rick talks about how he still wakes up some mornings expecting Lori to still be there. When Rick and Carol start to leave, they come across a dropped basket of tomatoes. Rick opens a gate to see the leg of the woman they met earlier. Then, he looks across the yard to see two walkers eating the woman. Carol tells Rick that they should get back that Sam's probably waiting. Daryl and his group are making quick work grabbing medical supplies. As they are on their way out of the veterinary hospital, they dodge past a couple of walkers. They try to close a door behind them, but the door is busted. Suddenly, Daryl's group is trapped with walkers both in front of them and behind them. Tyreese wants to take the walkers out behind them, but Stookey says the walkers behind them are infected like at the prison, and if they get their blood on them they will get sick. They decide to open the door ahead of them and take their chances with the walkers in front of them. Rick and Carol are back at the house, waiting on Sam, but he hasn't shown up. Rick wants to wait a little longer, but Carol tells Rick they have to go. Carol also adds, "It was a nice watch," referring to the watch Rick gave Sam. Daryl and his group continue to fight their way out of the veterinary hospital. Daryl busts out a second floor window to escape. As the group are making their way across a roof overhang, Stookey falls, and a horde of walkers on the ground below grab ahold of the bag he is carrying. Tyreese and Michonne tell Stookey just to let the bag go, but he holds onto it and manages to pull it away from the walkers. As the bag spills opens, Daryl looks down and sees a bottle of alcohol in the bag instead of medicine. Daryl is angry and tells Stookey he maybe should have just kept walking that day. As Daryl is about to smash the bottle, Stookey tells him don't and reaches for his gun. Daryl gets in Stookey's face and takes his gun. Stookey says he didn't want to hurt anyone it was just for when it got quiet. Daryl gives Stookey his bottle back and says, "If you take one sip before those meds get into our people, I will beat your ass into the ground." Rick and Carol are loading up the station wagon. Rick tells Carol that Karen and David might have lived, but now they're dead. Rick says it wasn't Carol's decision to make and that Tyreese will kill her when he finds out. Carol says that she can handle Tyreese. Rick says that when the others find out that they won't want her there. And Rick says that if everyone dies and it's just the two of them and his children Judith and Carl that he won't have her there. Carol says that no one else has to know that she thought he was done making decisions for everyone. Rick says, "I'm making this decision for me."  Carol insists that she stepped up, that she had to do something, but Rick says no, she didn't. Carol says she's not going anywhere without Lizzie and Mika. Rick points out that Lizzie is sick and Mika is only ten years old. Rick tells Carol that they will keep them safe. Rick tells Carol that she's not that woman scared to be alone anymore, that she will find others that don't know and start over, that she will survive. Carol says, "Maybe." Daryl is in the car looking at the jasper he found earlier, while the others are talking about how to get back. Michonne gets in the driver's seat and tells Daryl that he was right in what he said before about The Governor's trail growing cold. She says she doesn't need to go out anymore. Rick is helping Carol pack up a separate car. Carol offers to give Rick a jug of gasoline, but Rick tells her to take it. Carol pulls a watch out of her pocket and tells Rick that Ed gave it to her on their first anniversary. Carol asks Rick to take the watch and says that she should have given it away a long time ago. Carol gets in her car and drives away. Michonne is driving the group back, while Daryl continues to look at the Jasper. Stookey and Tyreese are silent in the back seat. Stookey obviously troubled by what he did. The scene flashes to Rick also on the road driving back to the prison alone. The song "Serpents" by Sharon Van Etten plays in the background as the episode ends.