The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Now


The Del Arno food trucks is crashed into the Alexandria wall. Deanna climbs a ladder to observe the damage from atop the wall and reflects on her fallen husband's mark on the wall, "PNL #1, R. MONROE." She sees Tobin and others carting dead bodies around. Michonne, Maggie, and Tara talk. Deanna hears Rick yell and turns to see the massive horde of walkers closing in.

Michonne and Tara open the gate for Rick who is nearly surrounded. Deanna looks on as the gate is closed, keeping the massive horde out.

Walkers slam into the wall. The community gathers, concerned. Rick gives a rallying speech to the community, assuring them they are safe. He is relying on everyone to be smart and patient. Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha will escort the herd away when they can then Nicholas and Glenn will be back. Aaron steps up to back up Rick. He explains that the quarry broke open and got half of the walkers away from the community. He explains that losing his pack as a result of making his own call when Daryl wanted to look for people is the reason the Wolves found Alexandria. He takes the blame.

Deanna walks away. Rick says there will be more to talk about. The community calls for Deanna but she continues walking away.

Jessie drags the dead body of the woman who invaded her house out of the kitchen and to the graveyard. She starts digging a grave and Rick interrupts her, instructing her not to because they don't bury killers inside the walls. Since they can't go outside yet, they wait.

The food is supposed to be rationed but the community overruns Olivia and takes what they want. Spencer steps up to stop everyone but they try to dismiss him. He says he stopped the truck from getting inside and asks one man where he was during the attack. He wants to keep the order in the community. Bruce puts a can back on the shelf and the angry residents leave. Deanna looks on, proud of her son.

Maggie prepares some weapons and Aaron sees her before noticing the list of names commemorating dead residents, including Nicholas and Glenn. Maggie runs off in the distance and Aaron follows her to the armory. She's prepping to go out and Aaron calls out her plan to draw the walkers from the wall and create some space to get out. He questions what will happen when she twists an ankle or gets surrounded. He is going to help her and he knows a safer way out.

Deanna looks at her wedding ring. She begins drawing a map with different buildings and locations on it. She hears a glass break and finds Spencer, who dropped it. He is drunk. She questions him on whether he stole the supplies from the pantry. He says if everyone had stolen from the pantry it would have been the end but if just one person does, no one will notice, so why not him? He thinks they're all going to be dead soon. He blames her for everyone being in danger and for the deaths of his brother and father. She packs up the food he stole.

Carl approaches Ron who is playing with a knife in the ground. He asks if he has seen Enid but he thinks if she is outside the wall she is dead. Carl wants to go find Enid but Ron won't help Carl. Ron says Enid was his girlfriend but he's not going to let anyone go outside. The two start fighting and Carl pushes Ron to the ground and Ron says he'll tell Rick if Carl goes outside the walls.

Denise tends tends to Scott and reads books to learn more. The door opens and Tara steps inside. Denise is overwhelmed and Tara is there to check on her. She wants this all to end so she doesn't have to have all these responsibilities. Tara acknowledges the fears before leaving.

Jessie notices something in a window and investigates. She finds a dead, reanimated Alexandrian and goes inside to put the woman down. People watch from the streets. She addresses them, saying she used not see the way things are not because she couldn't but because she didn't want to. They have to see it and they have to fight it or else they'll die.

Aaron leads Maggie to a sewer which they'll use to get out of the walls. Maggie wants to go alone but Aaron won't let her. They explore the sewers and Maggie reiterates that Aaron doesn't have to go with her. They find a ladder and try to move it. They uncover a few zombies and Aaron is pinned down. Maggies fights one off while Aaron kills the other and frees himself to save her. She tends to Aaron's wound on his head and tries to send him back for stitches but he won't go back.

Denise finds something in a book which sparks an idea for saving Scott. She takes some of the puss out of his leg with a needle.

Rick calls for Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl from atop the wall but there's no answer. Ron joins him and tells him Enid used to spend time outside the walls and he thinks she is still out there. He tells Rick about Carl's wish to go outside the walls and Rick wants to go find Carl. Ron takes the post from Rick and asks Carl to teach him how to shoot. Rick unloads his gun with all but one bullet and hands it to Ron.

Denise kisses Tara on the front porch of her house. Denise tells Tara being afraid sucks.

Aaron and Maggie continue through the sewers and find the exit behind the herd. Aaron wants to continue but Maggie loudly yells, "No!" and attracts walkers. She tells Aaron she's pregnant and if she had gone with Glenn she could've helped. If Glenn was alive she would've shown him by now. She's devastated about having to live with the mystery.

Jessie sits on the stairs and calls for Sam. She made cookies for him and he asks her to bring them upstairs. He doesn't want to go downstairs. She tells Sam if he meets her half way, he won't be downstairs. She puts the cookies by his door, knocks, and leaves.

It's night and Deanna hears yelling from a house. A walker closes in on her in the street. She uses shattered glass to cut the walker's chest up and Rick runs to her aid to put it down. Deanna is shaken up. She says she wants to live and for this place to stay standing. She tells Rick the community doesn't need her, it needs him. She packs up the food on the ground and questions whether what she wanted for Alexandria was, "really just pie in the sky," and Rick tells her it wasn't.

Aaron and Maggie look at the horde from atop the wall. She says she'll be right back and puts her gun down. She finds Glenn's name on the wall and erases it. Aaron joins and erases Nicholas and he tells Maggie that the name, "Aaron," works for a boy or a girl.

Spencer joins Rosita atop a post on the wall. He's there to relieve her. She tells Spencer he did good with the truck but he credits his work to luck. Rosita walks away. Spencer pulls out some chips from his jacket and eats them while watching the herd.


Jessie finds her blood stained clothes and Rick walks into her garage. He explains that he is saving the bodies because he wants to go find Glenn, Sasha, Daryl, and Abraham. He wanted to wait because he wants the walkers to be gone. Jessie tells Rick even if they're still alive, all that matters is what's in front of them right now. They discuss her speech earlier and Jessie wants to know there's more. Rick moves in and kisses Jessie.

Deanna arrives at the gate. She approaches it as walkers slam against it and she starts hitting it. She walks along the wall and blood drips on it behind her.