The Walking Dead Say The Word: Five Questions Raised

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The Walking Dead "Say The Word" episode raised a lot of new questions. There were also questions that didn't get answered at all from last week's episode like what happened to Carol. While most of the action in the "Say The Word" episode occurred in Woodbury, we also got to see a rather disturbed Rick Grimes. Here are five questions raised in the "Say The Word" episode. 5. Is Michonne really being allowed to leave? – After some hesitation, Merle opened up the gates of Woodbury and allowed Michonne to walk away. Is The Governor really allowing Michonne to leave after she held a katana to his throat? Or will he and his men soon be tracking her down? 4. What do the pages in The Governor's notebook mean? - Michonne breaks into The Governor's place to reclaim her katana, but she also looks through one of The Governor's notebooks. She sees a list of names with the underlined name Penny as the last name. Then, there are just pages and pages of markings. 3. What's the story with Penny? – The Governor's daughter Penny is a zombie, but he hasn't put her out of her misery. Can he just not bear to kill her? Or is he hoping they will find a cure? 2. Has Rick lost it? – When Glenn goes in to find Rick in the prison, Rick is covered in blood and has a crazed look in his eyes. Glenn tries to get Rick to come with him, but Rick attacks Glenn and pushes him against the wall. Rick eventually shoves Glenn away and leaves. 1. Who is calling on the phone? – Perhaps, the most surreal moment of the episode occurred at the very end. After Rick finished stabbing a walker who had eaten the remains of Lori, he suddenly hears an old rotary phone ringing. Is someone really calling? Or has Rick gone completely crazy and is imagining the phone ringing?