The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 2 Has Wrapped

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In an appearance at the Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con, Norman Reedus talked briefly about The Walking Dead Season 4. As he also mentioned in an interview last week, Norman Reedus re-iterated, "These scripts for Season 4 are the best scripts that we've ever gotten. The stories are so, so good. We're all very, very excited." While showrunner Scott M. Gimple announced a couple weeks ago that Episode 1 of Season 4 had wrapped, Norman Reedus revealed that they had also finished shooting Episode 2 of Season 4. Norman Reedus said, "We just started Episode 3, and it's amazing. It's really, really good. You're going to freak out." Cameras started rolling on Season 4 of The Walking Dead on May 6, so each of the first two episodes took about two weeks each to shoot. The Walking Dead Season 4 airs on AMC in the fall.