The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Is Biggest Episode Ever

The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

While very little has been revealed about Season 5 of The Walking Dead, producer Jolly Dale recently revealed some of what fans can expect. In an interview with the AMC blog, Dale talked about the biggest challenges with the Season 5 episodes they've filmed thus far.

Well, you will eventually see that the Premiere episode is by far the biggest episode that we've ever done. So, getting it all together to make it come off as good as we want has been a huge task, but it's going to be amazing.

As far as what excites her about Season 5, Dale said, "There's a lot of stuff I'm not allowed to talk about, but readers of the comic book will have a pretty good idea of which direction we're going in. The way I see it is, we've killed a lot of beloved characters on the show, but that just opens it up for new story lines to come along. So don't be too sad about all the people who died in Season 4 because there will be way more characters to come."

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October, 2014 on AMC.