The Walking Dead Season 6 Midseason Premiere Has Over 1,300 Walkers


If you thought you had seen a lot of zombies in the The Walking Dead's midseason finale, just wait until the show returns this this Sunday.

When we find Rick and the group, we'll see a record number of zombies as the survivors try to sneak through the herd and find a way out of Alexandria.

"It's a very fascinating moment for Rick, and to put him in a situation where they have to maneuver through the herd," Greg Nicotero, The Walking Dead's VFX mastermind and director of the midseason return tells EW. "The record that we had established in episode 1 of season 6 will already be broken in this episode in regards to the number of walkers and the number of kills. It's the action movie version of The Walking Dead."

More specifically, Nicotero estimated just how many people were zombified for the premiere. "With reshoots and with additional photography and things, I think we were over 1,300 walkers for episode," he says.

That's a lot of zombies.


The Walking Dead returns this Sunday on AMC.