The Walking Dead Sets Out On A New Story Arc

TWD 151 Dwight

New York Times bestselling writer/creator Robert Kirkman (Outcast, Invincible), Eisner award nominated artist and co-conspirator Charlie Adlard, inker Stefano Gaudiano, and greyscalist Cliff Rathburn will launch a new story arc in the bestselling Skybound series The Walking Dead.

In issue #150, Rick Grimes was betrayed by a few folks close to him and did what it took to survive. In #151, a new era begins: the call to arms.

TWD 151 cover

What's most interesting about this arc (spoilers follow) is wondering whether or not Rick Grimes believes in the military he is trying to form and if he can do it without Negan's help. Negan tried to convince Rick to lie to his people, to tell them what they wanted to hear, and Rick definitely told them what they wanted to hear. But was he lying?


The Walking Dead #151 hits shelves Wednesday, February 3.