The Walking Dead Spoiler: Death Rumors Seemingly Dispelled As Actor Appears On Set

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for AMC's The Walking Dead.

Except that Robert Kirkman has already denied this one, and this is just evidence to prove his case. So...not really spoilers?

Rumors that Glenn Rhee had been killed in an early Season Five episode of AMC's The Walking Dead appear to be just that -- rumors -- after star Steven Yeun was spotted today shooting scenes for a new episode.

While The Walking Dead isn't shy about using flashbacks -- a device that can often thwart potential spoilers -- the particular configuration of characters spotted shooting together today is one that wouldn't work in any flashbacks: Eugene, Glenn and Maggie. The three of them spent only one night in the same place together before being captured at Terminus at the end of last season, and there is no indication that they had a daylight adventure that viewers may have somehow missed along the way.

The spoilers come courtesy The Spoiling Dead Fans, who posted some images to Facebook to back their claims. That's the same group who, earlier this month, snapped photos of what appears to be the same car that kidnapped Beth last season. Rumors that Emily Kinney, who plays Beth on the series, has been on set for filming have been persistent but (to our knowledge) nobody has yet caught her on film.

All told, a number of characters appeared on set today at a convenience store practical location, including the three above, Daryl, Carl, Sasha, Tara and Abraham.

The Walking Dead will return to the airwaves in October. An exact return date, and the first footage, is expected to be released next month at Comic Con International: San Diego.