The Walking Dead: Supercut Video Pays Homage To Nearly a Decade of Rick Being Shocked


The world of Robert Kirkman's Image/Skybound comic book series The Walking Dead is a surprising place. So much so that Rick Grimes, the series' star and a fictional character who lives within that world, seems to spend an awful lot of his time looking shocked. Mouth agape, eyes wide, Rick's "surprised face" is about as shocking as seeing Scott Summers yell "JEAN!" on the '90s X-Men cartoon. Enter YouTube.

User Longshot87 has compiled a (spoiler-filled, obviously) supercut of "every panel of Rick Grimes being startled from issues 1-100 of the Walking Dead." Complete with upbeat music playing behind it, it's just as entertaining as you'd expect. Enjoy.


"Rick...calm down bro!" the user suggests. "Next time--people yelling Carl's name."