The Walking Dead: Tonight's Most Memorable Walkers

Tonight's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead might have felt pretty contemplative for most of the night--but there were moments of just absolutely crazy gore and violence, all of which revolved around walkers instead of human-on-human danger for the first time in quite a while. So which of the walkers was the most memorable? It was a heck of a night for new looks to the walkers, since the nine-month time jump meant that the world was very different. This season's walkers are more decayed, more emaciated, more disgusting than ever. Who were the ones that really stuck out at us? Warning: Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, titled "30 Days Without an Accident."


Nametag Walker Sorry, we missed his name--but the kids didn't. Standing at the inner fence, Carl's friends all mocked this former service worker, now an undead ghoul but still with his name on his shirt. Carl, of course, put a stop to that. They're not alive, remember, and they're not people. Don't name them. Splatter Walker This one wasn't much of a threat, and only got about a second of screen time, but there were few walkers as memorable as the one who plummeted through the roof of the Big Spot and landed headfirst, basically liquefying against the concrete-and-tile floor of the department store.

walking-dead-crawlerThe Crawler

This guy can hardly be called a walker, since his fall from the roof shattered the connective tissue between his foot and leg and he wasn't able to actually walk. Still, there's something really iconic and identifiable from the walker whose flesh Bob peeled away while he was trying to prevent it from eating him, after it crawled all the way across the floor at him Skinned Walker This may actually be the same guy, so we're going to allow for a sixth "bonus" position right below this. But there's a walker who falls from the sky, lands and then when he sits up, the decayed, flaccid skin hanging off his body pulls away from him, exposing his skull, spine and putrid musculature underneath. Disgusting. Awesome. Something bound to end up on Greg Nicotero's Emmy highlight reel next year.

0commentsSeason_four_patrickWalker Patrick

Seems likely some bad juju is in store for next week. Whatever the heck happened to Patrick, he's turned here--and he's on the open cell block, with at least Bob totally unprotected from his zombie-y wrath. It's a far cry from his day job on Phineas & Ferb, that's for sure.