The Walking Dead Video Game Episodes Get Titles

When Telltale Games releases the first of their five episodic games based on The Walking Dead on Tuesday, it will be titled "A New Day." This according to the software company's Twitter page, where they've revealed all five episode titles for the upcoming releases. Straight from the Twitter feed, here's how they released the information:

Five episodes of The Walking Dead games series this summer. Curious to know the names? First up will be 'A New Day' - followed soon by... The Walking Dead - Episode 2 will be called 'Starved For Help' - Hungry for more? Oh! Not to be forgotten. Episode 3 of The Walking Dead games series is dubbed: 'Long Road Ahead' - hitting later this summer. Let's get on with it then. Title of Episode 4 in The Walking Dead game series? 'Around Every Corner' - And no, we don't mean Starbucks. Lastly, it's time for us to leave for the day. The season finale of #TWD will be called 'No Time Left' when it hits later this year.

The games will be available on PC, Mac, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The first episode will hit PC and Mac on Tuesday, with the gaming platforms to come soon after. Look for a review here at shortly after the PC version becomes available.