The Walking Dead: Was That Negan?


Spoilers follow for The Walking Dead 6x06: Always Accountable.

Tonight's episode may have gotten you pretty excited when a leader of a new group emerged and demanded Daryl's temporary new friends turn themselves in. Following the casting news of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, it's not hard to jump to the conclusion the man, hidden by trees, was Negan.

However, his name is Wade. Wade doesn't exist in the comics but he may be the first indication of the Saviors on The Walking Dead's TV series. He seems to be a leader of at least a faction among whatever group these people hail from and was quickly prepared to cut off his buddy Cam's arm after he had been bitten.

Though the man is not, in fact, Negan, he may have provided the TV series with its first reference to the savage leader. After severing Cam's arm, he radioed back to his group to retreat, saying, "He only wanted to take this so far." The "He" Wade is referring to could only be Negan, unless The Walking Dead is going to introduce another opposing leader prior to the Savior, which seems unlikely, or this group is a version of the DC Scavengers on all sorts of adaptation steroids. I'm sticking with a Negan reference.


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