The Walking Dead: What Was Daryl's Job Before The Zombie Apocalypse?

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Will Daryl ever hook up with Carol? Could Daryl ever get killed off on the show? Those are two of the most popular questions that fans ask Norman Reedus at his various public appearances. Now, thanks to The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere, Norman Reedus will soon be facing a new question. What exactly was Daryl's job before the zombie apocalypse? In the "30 Days without an Accident" episode of The Walking Dead, Daryl has become part of the governing council, and he hunts to provide food for the group. However, there is an air of mystery over what Daryl did before the zombie apocalypse. Beth's new boyfriend Zach has even made a game out of trying to guess Daryl's former occupation. Zach tells Daryl and Michonne, "Okay, big swing here: homicide cop." After Michonne starts laughing, Daryl answers, "Actually, the man's right. Undercover." While Daryl plays his reply straight at first, he eventually cracks up about it. Realizing he's guessed wrong again, Zach says, "I guess I'll just keep guessing I guess." Daryl responds, "Yeah, you keep doing that." Even though Zach doesn't find out what Daryl's former occupation was, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd seemed to indicate in an interview with MTV that fans might eventually learn the answer. Hurd said, "Everyone wants to know who Daryl was before the apocalypse. And it's not just the fans, it's the characters on the show. So you never know, we might just find out." What do you think Daryl did before the zombie apocalypse?