The Walking Dead: Who Are The Kingdom?

TWD Kingdom

As the world on The Walking Dead continues to grow, we will be introduced to another new community. Be warned, we're going to talk about that community which means spoilers for the comics and possibly TV series.

Last week, in the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead's sixth season viewers caught a glimpse of a character who seemed like he would turn out to be nothing. Really, he is likely a key to a much larger kingdom and Morgan sparing his life will payoff big time for our Alexandrian survivors.

The man was wearing armor consistent with that of men from The Kingdom, as seen in The Walking Dead comics.

In the comics, The Kingdom is another established community lead by a man named Ezekiel and his loyal tiger, Shiva. It's on a college campus not far from Alexandria. During the winter, the residents live in the school but in the summer they set up in tents around the protected campus.

Ezekiel was a former zookeeper, though he talks to his people with respect and a kingly attitude. No one, not even the residents of The Kingdom, are allowed to see Ezekiel without an escort.

Much of The Kingdom is left unexplored but several times during the All Out War storyline where Rick takes on Negan, groups held meetings to discuss how they would rally against the Saviors. Eventually, the people of the Kingdom elect to move to the Hilltop. It still exists, though, and is connected to the other communities by a reinforced road.

When the armored man and others like him return, they'll likely end up leading our characters to their community. We can tell that the most likely candidates to find The Kingdom and lead their people to linking up with Rick are either Carol or Morgan, who are currently out on their own, somewhere near a potential member of their group.

The Walking Dead's season finale airs tonight at 9 PM ET on AMC.