The Walking Dead: Who Are The Wolves?


With The Walking Dead's midseason premiere airing this past Sunday a lot of new questions arose from a very unique episode. SPOILERS for the ninth episode of the fifth season, "What Happened and What's Going On" follow.

Rick, Michonne, Tyreese, Noah, and Glenn made their way to to Shirewilt Estates- Noah's Virginia home. They arrived only to find the neighborhood had been devastated, presumably not only by walkers, but by other people, as well. On the way there and inside the neighborhood, Michonne's eyes (and many fans) caught glimpses of graffiti reading, "Wolves Not Far."

Who are these "Wolves?" Are they responsible for the limbless walkers with "W" carved into their heads? We here at analyzed the question in the video below:


Who do you think the Wolves are?