The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus Talk Beardgate On Today Show


The way people reacted when The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln shaved his beard for the fifth season premiere party, it was like a major character died. Affectionately known as "BeardGate," the event surrounding Lincoln's clean-shaven mug became a point of major discussion for those who preferred Rick Grimes with a manly beard.

Lincoln finally addressed the day of grooming infamy in a recent interview promoting The Walking Dead's midseason finale. Apparently, co-star Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, was delighted to see Lincoln shed his facial hair. So much so, that he took the remains for himself.

"Norman Reeds was thrilled, because he said, 'I Want Your Beard," Lincoln told The Today Show. "Norman Reedus has my beard."

It sounds like a joke, but is it? Reedus seemingly corroborated the story, telling Today "It's in my refrigerator, right where my eggs go."

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If Reedus isn't just playing along with the gag, then his fridge might host the ingredients for the manliest omelette on Earth.

The Walking Dead, and Rick Grimes' beard, returns to AMC this Sunday at 9:00 p.m.