The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Gets Bitten At Convention


While attending New Jersey's Walker Stalker Con this past weekend, The Walking Dead heartthrob Norman Reedus was bitten by a seriously misguided fan.

TMZ was informed by a representative of the zombie-centric convention that "event security was standing a couple feet from Reedus when the fan opened her mouth and tried to take a chunk out of his chest."

The police and event security quickly apprehended the fan and sent her packing. She has been banned from attending Walker Stalker conventions for the forseeable future and she will not be permitted to "other sponsored events where Norman is present."

Luckily, the bite didn't break the skin of Reedus and he didn't require medical attention. Reedus did not press charges against his assailant.

Reedus addressed the incident on his Instagram account. He posted an image of his character 'Daryl Dixon' with "DO NOT BITE ME" scrawled on his shirt, along with an additional message: "Um please don't."

AMC's The Walking Dead will return with all-new episodes this February.