The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Talks About His Awkward Kissing Technique

As part of last night’s The Walking Dead episode of Conan, host Conan O’Brien interviewed [...]

Conan the Walking Dead Glenn and Maggie Kiss

As part of last night's The Walking Dead episode of Conan, host Conan O'Brien interviewed Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) and Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee). They discussed the two characters' relationship and the awkward name given to the couple by fans, "Gleggie," and how it sounds terrible. They discuss other options ("Menn?") and names for Conan and Andy Richter's couple ("Candy") before moving on to discuss Maggie and Glenn's first kiss. Conan talks about what a big moment for the show the couple's first kiss was, and then brings up a still shot of the kiss with Yeun's eyes wide open. Conan questions Yeun, asking, "Steven, do you see anything wrong there?" Yeun responds, "Looks pretty on point to me." Conan continues to tease Yeun about kissing with his eyes open, saying he hopes the actor doesn't do that in his personal life. Yeun explains:

"In that moment, Glenn is confused, because he's like 'this beautiful woman is about to kiss me for just being here.' And so, it's a shock to him and he keeps his eyes open to make sure he takes all of it in. He's a participant and an observer at the same time."

Which only leads to more mockery from Conan, remarking on how unromantic Yeun makes it sound. The Walking Dead returns February 9 on AMC.