Top 5 Moments In 2012 Television: Walking Dead, Comic Book Men, & More

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2012 was a great year for comic books on television. The Walking Dead was the top show on cable television, while The Big Bang Theory was the top show on network television. Comic Book Men offered a look inside Kevin Smith's New Jersey comic book shop, while Arrow gave everyone a reason to tune into The CW. These are our five favorite moments in 2012 from comic book related TV shows. 5. Sheldon Quotes Spider-Man On The Big Bang Theory – In order to save his relationship with Amy, Sheldon tells her, "When I look in your eyes, and you're looking back in mine, everything feels not quite normal. Because I feel stronger and weaker at the same time, I feel excited and at the same time terrified. The truth is I don't know what I feel, except I know what kind of man I want to be." Amy is smitten by Sheldon's heartfelt words, as well she should be, since he's quoting the first Spider-Man movie. 4. The Huntress Debuts On Arrow – Arrow on The CW turned out to be one of the best surprises of the 2012 television season. The series has featured a number of familiar characters from the DC Comics Universe, but our favorite guest appearance had to be The Huntress. 3. Merle Returns On The Walking Dead – Despite playing a deplorable character, Michael Rooker is a fan favorite among Walking Dead fans. Merle is the character that Walking Dead fans love to hate. Merle's return did not disappoint, as Andrea passed out upon hearing, "How's about a big hug for your old pal Merle?" 2. Stan Lee Visits The Secret Stash On Comic Book Men – In its second season, Comic Book Men delivered its biggest guest star yet. Marvel  Comics legend Stan Lee showed up at the Secret Stash to take part in a photo shoot and answer questions from the Secret Stash guys. Anytime Stan Lee appears on television it's one of the best television moments of the year. 1. Rick Grimes Reacts To Lori's Death On The Walking Dead – The "Killer Within" episode of The Walking Dead was the most powerful hour of television we watched all year. There were a number of key moments in the episode, but nothing more dramatic than Rick Grimes reaction to learning his wife was dead. Andrew Lincoln's complete collapse into a screaming, sobbing mess was an Emmy worthy moment.