Top 5 Piper Pit Moments

The "talks show" format used in wrestling is decades old, with the Piper's Pit being considered the first one of its kind. The interview segment is primarily used to hype matches or talk to different superstars to get either get them over, or to get Piper's heel character even more heat. This format has been used by numerous characters from Brutus "Barber" Beefcake, to Christian, Chris Jericho, The Miz, and even guys like Renee Dupree. All of them with the same intentions, but nobody did it better than Roddy Piper.

From his first guest being "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Ordorff, talking trash about Hulk Hogan, to the last guests Rusev and Lana back in Decemeber of last year, let's take a look at five of the most memorable moments in the Pit.

5. Bruno Sammartino

This type of verbal exchange clearly couldn't be done today, but this was Piper at the top of Heel Mountain.

Bruno Sammartino was a legend in his own time. Even back 30 years ago, Sammartino was considered one of the best in the world and carried the WWWF (now WWE) from the 1960's to the early 1980's, and held their world championship collectively 11 years, across two reigns.

This segment, like most Piper's Pit segments, ended up with Piper brawling with his interviewee before walking away. The "Living Legend" held his own, but Piper was making a name for himself and this helped solidify his villain status for years to come.

4. Frank Williams

Oh Frank Williams.

Piper begins with stating how he believes in getting everybody a fair shot. So, he sits down with professional jobber, Frank Williams. Now, what starts as an interview quickly becomes Piper berating Williams on losing all the time and then starts beating up the poor guy and takes him out quite easily.

Now you might not remember Frank Williams at all, but you will remember Piper's famous quote at the end of the segment. This is where he first coined his phrase "Just when they think they've got the answers, I change the questions."

3. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

If the Rock was the Hogan of his day, then Austin was definitely the Piper analog. He was the rebel. The trashtalker. The brawler. All of these things were archetypes of what made heels work in the 1980's, but made anti-heroes out of superstars in the 90's. This also goes along with one of Piper's best moments with the more contemporary wrestlers of the day. He tells Austin how he was pissing Vince McMahon off when "the red on the back of your neck was diaper rash".

Austin being Austin, doesn't step down and begins going after Piper with his outdated gimmick.

Of course, both me stop insulting one another when Carlito shows up and the two legends team up against the Cool One. It was one of those moments in wrestling you never thought would happen, and then when it finally does, it doesn't doesn't disappoint. This is the longest clip on the list, but well worth it to see these two icons take barbs at one another.

2. Hulk Hogan

The thing about this segment was that it wasn't used to get Piper over, but to help tell the story between Hulk Hogan and former best friend Andre the Giant. A week ago, Andre showed up with Best Heel Manager Ever Bobby Heenan who made his intentions known that he was coming for him and his world title. That was the infamous Andre tearing Hogan's cross and shirt off of him, but here's why this clip is slightly better.

Piper was in the transition of a face turn (becoming a good guy) in the company and this actually utilizes the format efficiently in hyping up a match. Not just any match though. No, this was Clash of Titans in living color. The moment might not have involved Piper being the center of attention, but he still showed off his tremendous mic skills and just listen to the roar of the crowd with Hogan's "Yesssssss!" They don't make that kind of reaction anymore.

1. "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka

I'll take "Obvious" for $400, Alex.

This might seem a tad predictable, but c'mon, how could this not be in the top spot? This moment has been talked about for decades and one of most heel things ever in wrestling history. I'm not sure how it feels to have a coconut cracked up against my skull, but I'm sure it doesn't feel any good.


Piper doesn't even give Snuka the chance to defend himself or even a moment to speak before just wailing on him, all the while crashing the Pit set. It's not only the most infamous Piper's Pit segment, but one of the most well-known moments in wrestling history.

So readers and wrestling fans, what do you think it was about the Piper's Pit that was so special? Do you have a favorite interview that we missed? Was one of yours on here?