Walking Dead video game gets teaser trailer

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With the season finale of AMC's hit television adaptation around the corner and the comic nearing its hundredth issue, Telltale Games is giving fans a sneak peek at The Walking Dead: The Game. IGN has the preview exclusively, but we've embedded it below for your convenience. Unlike the comics and TV series, it doesn't revolve around Rick Grimes, although screen captures have shown some familiar faces among the survivors. That's already causing a minor stir among fans who question whether the concept is as strong--or if it's even really The Walking Dead--if it's just another zombie story. While screen captures have shown an African-American man named Lee Everett as the playable character, the minute-and-a-half long teaser trailer focuses completely on Diana, a woman who is calling home repeatedly to check in with a friend or family member who is watching her child as the plague begins to spread in Atlanta. The child, named Clementine, has escaped from the chaos of her guardian and finds herself on the road with Lee. Telltale describes the game as "A Telltale Games Series," and according to interviews will be five "episodes," or shorter games, long. The first episode will launch in April on Xbox Live, the PSN, PC, Mac, and iOS platforms.