Watch The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Pretend To Be Ant-Man

Ant-Man Reedus

When celebrities head to The Tonight Show, they're typically prepared for a game with Jimmy Fallon. Last night was no exception.

Fallon's guests for the night were Khloe Kardashian, Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Danny DeVito, and The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. The four were split up into teams, with Fallon and Reedus on one side and Kardashian and DeVito on the other, for a competitive game of charades and perhaps one of the best Tonight Show segments of the year!

The best part is, one of the words Reedus has to act out: Ant-Man.

Watch and enjoy.


Reedus' Triple 9 hits February 26 but, first, The Walking Dead returns February 14 on AMC.