Who Are The Walking Dead Season Six's New Characters?

The world of the undead is getting a few new folks who still have a pulse.

Last month, The Walking Dead's showrunner and producers introduced a few new actors and characters who will join The Walking Dead's band of survivors in season six. So, who are they? Some are direct adaptations of their black-and-white counterparts in Robert Kirkman's ongoing comic books series, while others are more liberally-crafted creations. Below, we walk through the recently-announced additions and trace their comic book roots. When the Walking Dead Returns this October, you should be more than acquainted with all of them.


Actor Corey Hawkins will play Heath, a character taken straight from the comics. When he's introduced in the series, Heath is an Alexandria native who works as a supply-runner and eventually buddies up with Glenn. As they story progresses, he goes on to become a zombie herder for the Safe-Zone and begins dating the community's doctor, Denise Cloyd. In The Walking Dead #100, Heath is one of the five characters present for Negan--and his baseball bat Lucille's--unforgettable introduction.

Dr. Denise Cloyd

Merritt Wever's casting was announced a couple months ago, but showrunner Scott Gimple confirmed Wever's role as Denise Cloyd during San Diego Comic-Con. Denise becomes an integral part of the Alexandria community following Pete Anderson's comic book death, bringing her valuable skills and knowledge as a doctor. The skills come in handy during - *major spoiler ahead* - the "No Way Out" storyline. When a pack of zombies devour David Monroe, Monroe frantically fires his gun and shoots Carl in the eye by mistake. Denise tends to Carl's major facial wound, leaving him healthy but scarred.


Scott Gimple revealed Ethan Embry as the actor to bring Carter to life on TV. However, Carter is not a character from the comics. Gimple explained Carter as a mash-up of a few characters from the source material, so we may have to wait and see to find out who they are and how they comprise Carter. Based on the trailer for season six, it looks like he may be a major part of the opposition to Rick Grimes' leadership.


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We'll meet these characters, and possibly others, when The Walking Dead returns October 11 on AMC.