WWE Superstar Triple H to Have "Terminator: Genisys"-Themed Entrance at WrestleMania


Variety reported today that WWE and NBC Universal have made a deal securing on revenue scored from advertising. As part of this new deal, there's going to be some tie-in promotions from Viacom's Paramount Pictures, especially around promotion of Terminator: Genisys. In this instance, the partnership will include WWE superstar and EVP of Talent, Triple H (Paul Levesque) to "make a grand entrance using imagery from the movie." 

Now usually, when movie tie-ins go with wrestling, it doesn't really pan out the way anybody would have hoped so. Two cases in point are WCW's Sting teaming up with Robocop. Because sure. 

Or Rick Steiner, a full-grown adult, getting picked on by Chucky as he was promoting Bride of Chucky. Because okay. 

Oh, WCW...

But with this new partnership, it makes sense on multiple levels. First off, the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year in their Celebrity Wing. He's an avid fan and been known to do a run-in from time to time. Secondly, and the best part, is that this sort of promotion is only tied in with an entrance. Lastly, what's even more fitting that the entrance will go to Triple H of all people. 

If you're a wrestling fan you know that "The Game" goes all out when it comes to WrestleMania entrances as of late. Seems things also carry an Arnold-theme, as well, coincidentally. 

This is his King Conan type of entrance in WrestleMania 22 against John Cena. 

And here at WrestleMania XXVII against The Undertaker. Has a 300/Death Dealer sort of vibe, too. 


But hey, maybe we can get a Robocop/Terminator crossover when he goes against Sting this Sunday for WrestleMania 31. 

But hopefully not.