WWE's Finn Balor Teases "Bulletproof" For Monday

(Photo: NJPW)

Saturday, NXT Champion tweeted out a tease of what seemed to be the making of a new shirt with the simple title of "Monday", but followed that with the mysterious hashtags of "BulletproofBC" and "worldwide".

Then earlier Sunday afternoon, he posted this image, with a full picture of the shirt being worn.

In it, Balor had tagged WWE Shop, Karl Andersen, and Doc Gallows (formerly Luke Gallows and Festus in the WWE), as well as the NXT Twitter. So a few questions come instantly to mind. The big one being are the former members of New Japan's Bullet Club looking to make their debut on Raw tomorrow. That could be a potentially big deal because it would seem that Balor would join them immediately. Right? The problem with that is that he's currently NXT Champion and sort of the face of that brand for the moment (Shinsuke Nakamura's debut is a month away afterall).

The other question is if this is the name of Balor's stable when Andersen and Gallows finally get to WWE. Could this be a new moniker for Balor himself? It's not the first time a former independent wrestler has used bits and pieces of their old gimmick with them to WWE. Samoa Joe still uses the Godzilla theme in his entrance music. Kevin Owens, nee Steen, uses his "Fight Owens Fight" slogan. CM Punk used one of his Ring of Honor entrance themes, "Cult of Personality", during his most prolific time in WWE. And so on.

See, for those uninitiated, the Bullet Club was the biggest heel stable ever in NJPW (New Japan Professional Wrestling) with Balor, then Prince Devitt, as its leader. It was this group of foreigners made of American and Tongan wrestlers, which later spun into a Mexican offshoot, Bullet Club Latinoamerica in CMLL (one of the biggest Mexican wrestling federations).

(Photo: Ringside News)

Yeah, it was that big.

The Bullet Club continued its mainevent legacy as then IWGP Champion AJ Styles took over the leadership when Devitt/Balor left for the big, open pastures of the WWE. Now, with AJ in the WWE, Kenny "The Cleaner" Omega has taken the reins, but can it maintain its power hold in NJPW?


Without a doubt. Though what will happen if WWE has this similar group with very similar imagery?

That has yet to be seen.