Meet The Speed Force Power Rangers In This Slick Fan Poster

The Power Rangers have this whole "team with a theme" thing down to a science, but it turns out The Flash universe would like to throw their hat into the ring.

The talented Bosslogic revealed a new print he'll be selling at Oz Comic-Con in Sydney, and it features a lethal team made up of several popular speedsters from the Flash universe. The crew consists of The Flash, Reverse Flash, Savitar, Godspeed, and Black Flash, and all of them form to make an amazing if frightening team.

Bosslogic shared the image with a Power Rangers shoutout. "I shall bring the JustSpeedForce to @ozcomiccon #sydney this weekend be sure to pick one up ⚡⚡ #GoGoSpeedForceRangers will post the chrome version soon," Bosslogic said.

As you can see in the image above, the Speed Force Rangers all feature a look that blends the more realistic aesthetics of the film universe with the lines and style of the comics. The first Flash is presumably Barry Allen, who has a look a bit sleeker but close to his costume in the upcoming Justice League. The second Flash, Reverse Flash, has a similar costume to Eobard Thawne, but the suit is more armor heavy than the version that appears in The Flash television series.

The third racer is Savitar, and he sports a costume much more in line with his suit from the CW Flash series. The black and blue glow motif just looks fantastic and is much better than his yellow, red, and bare chest costume he uses in the books. Regardless of costume, he is one lethal customer and is able to command a host of speed force abilities thanks to his extensive research.

Some might not recognize the fourth racer, who was recently introduced in the recent Rebirth era of The Flash. His name is August Heart, and he is known as Godspeed. Godspeed has the power to extract the speed of other speedsters, making him one of the deadliest foes in existence, as well as one of the Flash's greatest potential allies. Unfortunately, things went south rather quickly, and it took several speedsters to take him down.

The fifth and final speedster is known as Black Flash, who appears before a speedster dies. His true nature remains a bit of a mystery, though his stamina is unlimited, and he can enter and exit the speed force at will.

You can view the full image above.