Jason David Frank Would Like To See Tommy Go Out Like Logan

Few Power Rangers are more popular than Tommy Oliver, but if he were to meet his end, it should take some notes from a certain Marvel hero.

At least that's what actor Jason David Frank would like to see. The actor spoke at New York Comic Con about several topics, including possibly coming back to the show. That segued into the characters future and even death, and Frank already has an idea in mind.

"If I would like to see my character go, I would like to see it go out in a way like Logan," Frank told SyFy Wire.

Spoilers incoming for Logan, so if you haven't seen it yet turn back now.

Logan sent the popular Hugh Jackman Wolverine out in a blaze of glory, as the film was a commercial and critical success. The character, despite his best efforts at times, managed to leave behind a legacy and save the remaining mutants, though he gave his life to do so.

The film was raw, personal, and much darker in tone than other films in the X-Men franchise, but it was perfect for the character, and Frank would like to see Tommy Oliver receive a similar treatment. Tommy has returned numerous times throughout the series just like Jackman and has a legacy in place as one of the greatest Rangers of all time.

Still, seeing how the unofficial fan film was initially received by Saban, not sure if that could actually happen.

In either case, Frank feels there is still potential in the character. "I still feel strongly that the Green Ranger can hold down his own series," Frank said. "You know, I have talked to Saban, we've talked numerous years about doing a solo Green Ranger project. I'm not giving up on it and it's not a firm no."

While Frank is uncertain how or when a character ending will come about, he did say it will happen.

"If I'm involved in the brand and continued to be involved in the brand, I promise you it will be great and great for my character, but there will be a final time where Tommy will hang up his spandex. In the meantime, I still fit in it so that's a good thing," Frank said.

Guess fans will just have to wait and see what the future holds.