Power Rangers Gets A Child Makeover In Ninja Kidz Parody

The Power Rangers are already pretty family friendly, but the show just got an even more kids-centric makeover with the debut of Ninja Kidz.

Ninja Kidz TV is a channel designed around family-friendly programming, including a number of fun action paradoxes that star kids in the lead roles. The first parody is modeled after everyone's favorite teenagers with attitude the Power Rangers, though in this case, it is more like grade schoolers with attitude.

The parody takes on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, and centers around the rise of the Green Ranger. All of the scenes and action sequences are acted out by the kids, and the costumes are pretty fantastic. All of the helmets look legit, and is it crazy that the Green Ranger's dragon shield actually looks better than the one that appeared on Mighty Morphin?

As in the original series, the Green Ranger is allied with Rita Repulsa, though in a twist the Rita in the show is modeled after the Rita from the recent live-action reboot, complete with stylish staff. As with any Power Rangers episode, the Rangers eventually call on the power of their Zords, and each one gets a fun introduction just like on the show.

There's even a Megazord battle that features someone in the suit battling it out with Rita's latest monster, which bears a real resemblance to Shredder. It's not of course, but sensing some crossover potential there right? The turtles teamed up with Batman, so why not the Power Rangers?

The Power Rangers Ninja Kidz series currently has three episodes available on their Youtube page, and you can get more information on their official website and Facebook page. The show is a delightful parody of the beloved classic and something that all fans can enjoy. If you want to introduce young fans to the premise, Power Rangers Ninja Kidz seems like a great way to do so.

If you're already a fan of the Power Rangers, you can catch new episodes of Power Rangers: Ninja Steel on Nickelodeon Saturdays at 9 am.