Power Rangers Ninja Steel Is Now On Netflix

If you've fallen behind the current season of Power Rangers, Netflix is offering you the perfect chance to catch up.

The popular streaming service has added the first eight episodes of Power Rangers: Ninja Steel to their catalog. The show is currently airing on Nickelodeon, so the remaining episodes will follow on Netflix after all of them have aired. Each of the first eight episodes aired before the hiatus, ending with the introduction of the Gold Ranger.

The episodes currently available on Netflix can be found below.

1. Return Of The Prism
2. Forged In Steel
3. Live And Learn
4. Presto Change-O
5. Drive To Survive
6. My Friend, Redbot
7. Hack Attack
8. Gold Rush

The most recent episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel is titled Grave Robber and is this season's annual Halloween episode. Upcoming episodes include The Adventures of Redbot, Abrakadanger, Helping Hand, the Christmas episode Past, Present, and Future, and Galvanax attacks, which will release throughout the remaining weeks of 2017.

All of this will lead to next seasons Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, which will see the cast return along with an enemy from the Power Rangers Dino Charge days Sledge. New Zords, suits, and monsters will also be introduced, but the biggest feature of the new season will be the special reunion episode, which is part of Saban's celebration of the Power Rangers' 25th anniversary.

As to what that episode will consist of is anyone's guess, though we have a few things we would love to see. In the meantime, you can check out the spoilers for the recently released Grave Robber episode below.

The Power Rangers are duped by Cosmo Royale into playing an enchanted board game, which has them battling old foes from earlier in the season with every roll of the dice. While they have to fight for their lives, at least they look good doing it, as the whole cast is outfitted in some fun Halloween costumes.

Brody dressed up as a British soldier, Preston as a sorcerer, Calvin as Frankenstein, Hayley as a witch, and Sarah as a fairy, but the monsters could care less what they're wearing. Luckily Levi and Mick happen upon the Rangers, and Levi heads in to help them defeat Cosmo Royale's Zord and make it out of the game alive.