The ‘Power Rangers’ Megazord Motion Alarm Is Super Useful

Megazord may not have a body, but he’s always got your back.

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(Photo: ThinkGeek)

The Power Rangers Megazord head motion alarm is available to order here. It comes equipped with a motion detector, and will yell out one of three phrases when triggered. The eyes will also light up menacingly. Thanks to Megazord, you’ll be alerted when someone enters your private space, or attempts to touch that badass, wearable Green Ranger helmet replica you just spent all that money on. Check out the full list of specs below.

Product Specifications :
Power Rangers Megazord Motion Alarm
• Officially-licensed Power Rangers merchandise
• Saban's Power Rangers Megazord head piece that alerts you when someone enters your room
• Rita and her minions won't be sneaking in today!
• Says one of three phrases when an intruder walks in front of the motion detector
• Motion detector works up to 10 feet away
• Batteries: 3 AA batteries (included)
• Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 3"