The Pink Ranger Joins The Star Sapphires In This Delightful Fan Art

The Power Rangers and Green Lantern Corps have a lot in common, but in this new piece of art, it seems Kimberly opted for a different Corps altogether.

The Green Lantern Corps isn't the only game in town, and this art from Rafael Oliveira (Raffads) imagines Kimberly as a member of the Star Sapphires instead. It makes sense from a color theme perspective, as the Star Sapphires are based on the pink emotional spectrum of Love.

Not only that, but Kimberly does spend a lot of time with love on the brain, especially in the first two seasons. It makes perfect sense then that Kimberly would enlist with the Star Sapphires, and her Zord came along for the ride.

Costume-wise the two are a perfect compliment to each other, as Kimberly's new suit features a blend of pink, white, and black. She's jumping for joy as her Pterodactyl Dinozord soars through the sky, now powered by the light of love.

Power-Rangers-Pink-Ranger-sapphire by raffads
(Photo: Rafael Oliveira)

The Star Sapphires are a corps based around the power of love, though, in the beginning, the gems they used would drive them mad with it. Eventually, they would stop using the gems directly and use rings, harnessing the power without driving them mad.

You can view the art in the image above.

Oliveira previously rendered the Green Ranger Tommy Oliver as a Green Lantern but went one better by including a massive construct version of the Dragonzord. In this case, Kimberly and Tommy would be at odds more than not, as the Green Lanterns and Star Sapphires have a somewhat complicated relationship with each other.

In any case, hopefully, Oliveira will continue to create more members of the Lantern Corps Power Rangers, as fans would love to see Fear Corps Yellow Ranger, a Hope Corps Blue Ranger, a Rage Corps Red Ranger, a Death Corps Black Lantern, and a Rebirth Corps White Ranger.

Who knows, maybe he'll even throw in a Dino Charge Purple Ranger Compassion Corps Lantern just for fun!

As for the Avarice Corps, well, there's really only one option. Kat Manx was known as the Kat Ranger but did feature orange throughout her suit. She doesn't really fit the greed portion, but then again nobody associates Trini with fear either, so the rules are a bit loose there.

For more of Oliveira's artwork, you can head to Deviant Art.