Jaime King And Family Goes Full-On Power Rangers For Halloween

Sadly the Halloween of 2017 is now past, but fans can still appreciate a family who represents the Power Rangers to the fullest.

That would very much describe actress Jaime King, who shared her family's Halloween outfits before trick or treating commenced. The costumes all came from the recent Power Rangers reboot, where King took the role of Kimberly, the Pink Ranger.

Her husband Kyle Newman represented Billy the Blue Ranger, while her oldest son James took on Zack the Black Ranger, while the youngest Leo decided to dress up as Jason the Red Ranger.

You can view the Power Rangers family in the photo above.

King is most known for her roles as Lemon Breeland in Hart of Dixie and as Goldie and Wendy in the original Sin City and its sequel, Sin City A Dame To Kill For. She has several projects in active development, including Ice Cream in the Cupboard, How to Cook Your Daughter, and Escape Plan 2: Hades.

The latter of those is set for 2018 and brings back Sylvester Stallone. While Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be reprising his role (at least at this time), Dave Bautista is on board for the sequel as Trent DeRosa. King plays Abigail Ross and is joined by Jesse Metcalfe and 50 Cent.

As for Power Rangers, the film's sequel status is currently in limbo, but fans are hopeful that it eventually materializes. While the film didn't light the box office on fire, it did make its money back thanks to a great home video campaign and superb toy sales.

Fans are hopeful that this results in a full sequel, one that will introduce Tommy Oliver to the movie mythos. Tommy is teased after the credits, but is never seen. It would be a shame to not see that tease brought to fruition.

If it happens, perhaps there will be a Green Ranger costume to choose from on Halloween 2019.

Power Rangers is on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital now.

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