'Power Rangers' Home Video Sales Reveal a Mixed Bag

The home video numbers for Saban's Power Rangers reboot are finally coming in, and they can be taken as both a positive and a negative.

First the facts. The sales data comes from financial website The Numbers and covers the majority of July. Power Rangers performed well on Blu-ray over the course of July, bringing in over $7.4 million in domestic sales. Saban also pulled in another 3.7 million from DVD sales as of 7/16, coming to a total of over $11.2 million in sales.

That's nothing to sneeze at, and no one would say no to adding another $11 million to the coffers, but that number can also be looked at as underwhelming when compared to other films of its type.

Power Rangers brought in around $6.7 million during the first week of release. Not bad right? Unfortunately, that is rather small when compared to films like The Fate of the Furious, which brought in $23.7 million in the same time frame. That's not even counting a juggernaut like Beauty and the Beast, which brought in $50.4 million.

So, it didn't get a whole new lease on life on home video, but then again it was probably never going to. Still, adding another $11 million to the $142 million the film brought in during its theatrical run and you've got a $153 million dollar earner. That doesn't even count the toy sales, which are also adding to Saban and Bandai America's bottom line.

Like we mentioned before, you could look at this in two ways, and you'd technically be right with either viewpoint.

The Power Rangers reboot was mostly well received by fans and critics but did not perform to expectations in the states. It wasn't for lack of marketing either, as Power Rangers was everywhere during the run-up to the film. It's hard to say why more people didn't flock to theaters, as word of mouth was good and the cast was extremely likable. Superhero fatigue was cited as a possible culprit at the time, but that hasn't hurt other franchises so that seems to eliminate that theory.

At the moment, Power Rangers currently holds a 72.61 on ComicBook.com's composite rankings, which you can vote on here.

Fans are hopeful that Saban and Lionsgate will give it another run, especially after building such a great foundation. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Power Rangers is currently available on digital, Blu-ray, and DVD.

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