Stan Lee And The Power Rangers Collide In New Comic Box Exclusive

For those looking for some sweet exclusive Power Rangers comics, look no further than Stan Lee's Comic Box.

The Stan Lee Comic Box is filled with some cool exclusives, and the next box will feature four more great additions, including one from BOOM! Studios that features Stan Lee and the Power Rangers.

The cover features Stan Lee's face in Zordon's containment field with the Red, Blue, Pink, Black, Yellow, and Green Rangers posing in front of him. The pose mirrors a classic photo from the original series, and having Stan Lee's face in Zordon's place is kind of amazing.

You can view the cover below.

"GO GO POWER RANGERS! Here's your first look at one of the four exclusive comics inside the next Stan Lee's Comic Box! Get it only at * * Hey @jdfffn, do you approve? #StanLee #PowerRangers @boomstudios #ITSMORPHINTIME"

There's no word yet on what the other covers will be or if any of those will also be Power Rangers themed, but either way, this will certainly be a comic fans want for their collections.

Can't be the only one hoping for a Go Go Power Rangers appearance in a future box, right? Perhaps a Stan Lee Megazord, or maybe Rita gets a new minion to help her defeat the Rangers? Golden ideas here people!

The Comic Box has featured a number of these Stan Lee variants in the past, including some memorable appearances on Zombies Assemble 2 (fighting alongside Captain America), Marvel's Runaways #1 (having a swell old time with the other Runaways), Jessica Jones #11 (attempting to help Jessica with her private eye business), and Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Man #1, where he is holding an umbrella over Peter Parker's head.

The Stan Lee Comic Box is $19.95 a month, and fans can find out more about the Stan Lee box on the official website.