'Power Rangers' Star Teases Big Payoff For Victor And Monty In 'Super Ninja Steel'

While the Rangers get much of the focus on Ninja Steel, the show wouldn't be quite the same without Victor and Monty, and it seems big things are in store for the would-be bullies.

Victor and Monty are staples in Ninja Steel, and while they're entertaining they don't' seem to have much to do with the overall storyline. Ninja Steel's Blue Ranger Peter Sudarso revealed that is going to change when Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel hits screens.

“That’s the one thing I do love about the whole thing," Sudarso told That Hashtag Show. "It pays off even more, continually. Their story actually ties in. For the past couple of episodes, if you guys have been watching it’s like, Vic and Monty. Side nuisance. They’re really funny, but side nuisance, for the storyline anyway. Later on, it actually becomes like, Rangers interacting with Vic and Monty instead of Vic and Monty go do B story and have their own thing, and somehow semi-link back to the story of Ninja Steel.”

That's really good news for fans of the lovable duo, who are, well, jerks half the time but ones you somehow root for in a weird way. Their appearances in the show are always entertaining, but it will be nice to have more of a substantial narrative element to their appearances in the future.

Victor is the school's most popular student, but he would be lost without his sidekick Monty, who ends up doing most of the grunt work in Victor's grand plans. Together they attempt to cause the other kids problems, including the Rangers, but more often than not they just end up failing miserably or worse hurting themselves in the process.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel quickly built up anticipation from fans thanks to a teaser trailer that debuted right before Ninja Steel ended, which included teases about the Gold Ranger, more powerful Zords, and a big hook that brings back a familiar face from Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Having Victor and Monty more in the mix should only make the show better, and hopefully, it will be worth the wait when Super Ninja Steel debuts in 2018.