Dacre Montgomery Doesn't Think Power Rangers Sequel 'Is Out Of Sight'

Fans are exceedingly hopeful that a Power Rangers sequel will happen someday, and the film's Red Ranger recently gave them some encouraging words.

The Red Ranger was played by Dacre Montgomery, who has been making news recently for his phenomenal turn as Billy in Stranger Things. He was recently asked about the possibility of a Power Rangers sequel, and he doesn't seem to think it is such a far-fetched idea.

“I think that cast, we’re like family — we have a little group chat — we all would love to do a sequel,” Montgomery told The Wrap. “I know we’d all be there in a heartbeat and if something does come through the woodwork, which I’m not suggesting it wouldn’t — I actually don’t think it’s out of sight, but if it does, we’d be very excited to do a sequel.”

The entire cast of Power Rangers has shared their enthusiasm for doing a sequel at some point or another, though all are keeping busy with a variety of other projects. Mongomery's words are by no means any official comment one way or another, but they do seem more hopeful than not.

Taking a look at our Power Rangers page reveals similar hope that a sequel eventually happens. While the film certainly has its share of detractors, there are many who really enjoyed the film, and want to see what Lionsgate and Saban could do with that Tommy Oliver tease at the end of the original.

The critical reception was also quite positive, though the biggest hit the original took was in the box office department. It underperformed internationally, only drawing over $56 million from overseas. Coupled with its just over $85 million domestically, the film only brought in just over $142 million worldwide. When you factor in marketing costs and the $100 million dollar budget, it's understandable why Lionsgate and Saban would take their time with a plan for the sequel.

Power Rangers currently has a 73.88 on ComicBook.com's composite ranking, which you can vote on here.

Power Rangers is currently available on digital platforms, Blu-ray, and DVD.

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