The Pink Ranger Meets Santa In 'Power Rangers Ninja Steel' Christmas Special Clip

The Ninja Steel Rangers just want to celebrate the holidays, but Cleocatra has other things in mind.

That's the premise of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel Christmas episode titled Past, Presents, and Future, which acts as the final episode of the season for Ninja Steel. The official clip reveals a peaceful time of giving interrupted by their feline enemy Cleocatra (relative of Cat O'Clock), and while most of the Rangers fall victim to her time device, Sarah manages to escape with the device.

With the other Rangers paralyzed, Sarah runs from Cleocatra while trying to reverse the effects of the machine. As you can see in the clip, she runs into an unlikely presence in the workshop, that being Christmas icon Santa Claus and his sleigh.

Sarah hits every button on the device she can to try and reverse the effects but ends up doing something else entirely as Cleocatra arrives on the scene. It seems she's accidentally opened up a time portal, and it pulls Sarah, Santah, and his sleigh in and quickly closes.

Looks like a crazy holiday adventure awaits, and you can view the entire clip in the video above.

While this isn't the show's true finale, this does act as the show's final episode. As the tease at the end of the previous episode revealed, it seems not everyone was lost in the ship's explosion, and that thread will be picked up in 2018's Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, the 25th season of the popular franchise.

That season will be just one aspect of Saban's year-long celebration of its 25th anniversary, which will include a special reunion episode that has become customary on big milestones. Not much is known about the plans for that, but several Rangers have already teased some involvement with the project, and fans are hopeful it will be a big return to form.

As for Super Ninja Steel, the entire cast of Ninja Steel is set to return, along with some unexpected guests, including Dino Charge's bounty hunter Sledge.

It seems fans are in for a wild ride next year, but before we get there it's time to celebrate the holidays, and no one celebrates them quite like the Power Rangers.

You can catch Past, Presents, and Future on Nickelodeon Saturday, December 2nd at 12 pm Est.