Power Rangers: Red And White Legacy Helmets Are Starting To Hit Stores

Bandai America is already ramping up for 2018, and fans are starting to find brand new Legacy helmets in stores.

2018 will see a slew of new merchandise in Bandai's various Power Rangers lines, and that includes the new 1/4 scale helmets line that will recreate the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Fans are already starting to find them in random stores across the country, and so far they include the White Ranger and the Red Ranger.

They've already appeared at a Walmart for $27.97, seated right next to the new Legacy Dinozords (specifically the Sabertooth Tiger Zord). You might want to keep your eyes peeled, as not all Walmarts have them out yet and they are currently not available on their website.

(Photo: Reddit)

It seems though they will also be showing up at Gamestops, as another photo shows both Legacy helmets in a recent shipment. It seems they will be going for $22 there, but at the moment they are not listed on Gamestop's website either.

At the moment you can pre-order both helmets at Toywiz though. They are expected to ship in March and are going for $26.99. You can find the Red Ranger here and the White Ranger here.

Both Legacy helmets look fantastic, so make sure to keep your eyes open while you're shopping and you just might spot one.

At the moment most stores are still clearing out some excess inventory. Recent Walmart trips have resulted in some leftover Power Rangers movie merchandise and a few Ninja Steel figures. There are also still some spots with a few Legacy figures left, though they tend to be the Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger at the moment. Some though are finding Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel merchandise, though that hasn't been the case locally here.

You can still find some nice deals at Targets though, which have some of the movie figures and Zords on clearance. The Power Rangers Imaginext figures are also on sale if you can find them, but sadly the Command Center is still regular price.