The Power Rangers GX-78 Dragonzord Soul of Chogokin Figure is Now Available to Order


The wait is over Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans! The Dragonzord has joined the die-cast Soul of Chogokin series from Tamashii Nations. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting this figure, you can jump straight to pre-ordering right here. It’s available for $174.99 with free shipping that's slated for August. Odds are this will be a popular one, so if you must have it for your collection, now would be the time to secure it.

The Power Rangers GX-78 Dragonzord figure features three components: pose, combine, and transform. It also has the ability to open the Dragon Antlers from the chest. The set includes the TV-version of the Dragon Antlers, tail base, tail tip, and two pairs of hands. But that's not all!


Keep in mind that you can combine the GX-78 with with the GX-72 Dairyujin to create the Dragon Megazord battle mode! That figure is available to order here. Apparently, “no unnecessary parts” are visible when combined with the GX-72. The official description of the GX-72 is as follows:

"Initiate Megazord sequence! finally, the Megazord makes its long awaited debut in the soul of CHOGOKIN line with exquisite mmpr series inspired detail and a fully articulated combined mode capable of recreating the most dynamic poses from the show. And just like in the show, the five Zords combine into the beast tank Dino tanker form before the final transformation into the Megazord we all remember from the show over 20 years ago! each Zord is also uniquely crafted with specially articulated gimmicks classic to the soul of CHOGOKIN line. Fans will not want to miss this over 10 inch, meticulously crafted die-cast enhanced masterpiece."


Speaking of expensive but awesome Power Rangers stuff, the long awaited Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Green Ranger Helmet is close to shipping out in March. If you want one, we highly suggest pre-ordering now. You can grab the helmet here for $104.99 with free shipping. The official description reads:

It's Morphin' Time! Cosplay as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Green Ranger in a full-scale wearable Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Green Ranger Helmet! The Legacy Green Ranger Helmet Prop Replica is designed for long-lasting comfortable cosplay wear. The 1:1 ratio helmet can also be placed on display as a highly detailed replica to complete the ultimate Power Rangers collection. The helmet is made of PVC and ABS plastic. Helmet measures approximately 14-inches tall x 14-inches long x 9 1/2-inches wide.”

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