Power Rangers: Jason David Frank Teaches Amy Jo Johnson How To Break A Board

The original Pink Ranger recently added a new skill to her impressive arsenal, courtesy of the Green Ranger.

That's right, original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson joined the original Green Ranger Jason David Frank on stage at Planet ComicCon, where Frank taught Johnson how to break a board. Despite it being her first board break, Johnson broke it like a pro, and the crowd was more than happy to congratulate her.

You can see the whole thing in the video below, which Frank posted with the caption "@atothedoublej first board break!! Great job Amy!!! #trainmejdf @rskantc @rskapearland @risingsunkaratewest @risingsunkarateacademy #pinkranger @planetcomiconofficial."

Hopefully, both will also be on hand at this year's Power Morphicon, though we already know that Frank will be in attendance. He will be this year's guest of honor, and at some point will likely be in full Lord Drakkon cosplay.

"I actually do have, I have one (a Drakkon costume) on order with Aniki, and I was thinking, I'm making my first appearance at Power Morphicon in 2018," Frank said. "What I'd like to do is a one time only type of thing and I haven't announced it, the first time here but, I want to put together photo ops for 50 people but those photo ops will be sold and 100% of the money will go to a different charity. So what I'd like to do is 50 photo ops, they can bid on it, they can do whatever, once in a lifetime I'll be in that costume at Power Morphicon taking pictures and I'd like to see maybe 50 different charities, something that can help people."


He's since showcased the full costume, so it looks like that plan will come to fruition.

As for Amy Jo Johnson, she recently released her new film The Space Between, a project that she not only directed but also wrote and starred in. The film was her directorial debut, and also starred Julia Sarah Stone, Lili Ames, Michael Cram, Sonya Salomaa, David Paetkau, Maria Ricossa, and Michael Ironside. you can find out more about it here.