Power Rangers Legacy Wars Sledge Gameplay Footage Released

Power Rangers Legacy Wars welcomes a new competitor to the ring, and it is none other than everyone's favorite Bounty Hunter Sledge.

The fan-favorite villain debuted in Power Rangers Dino Charge, and has subsequently returned inPower Rangers Dino Super Charge and most recently Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. Now fans can control the powerful warrior in Legacy Wars, and Neo Saban Power Rangers has some footage of him in action.

As you can see, he's a formidable fighter, with quicker than expected movement, range, and powerful melee attacks. He'll be quite the challenge, especially in the beginning as fans try and gain an understanding of his move set. He is available in the game now as a premium fighter, and you can get a look at his Leader move set below.

Leader stats

Strike Attacks

Darkness Frenzy (3 EP)

Sledge's hot-headedness gives extra strength to this combo of devastating blows.

Merciless Volley (3 EP)

Sledge bombards his opponent with his arm-mounted cannon.

Breaker Attacks

Blindside (3 EP)

Charging into battle, Sledge goes for a shoulder tackle that sends opponents flying.

Bounty Barrage (4 EP)

Aiming at the ground, Sledge launches opponents into the air for some follow-up target practice.

Sledge is the second character to enter the game in recent weeks, as Power Rangers Turbo's Phantom Ranger was introduced into the game.

As for Sledge, he is one of the few characters in the franchise not to originate in the Super Sentai series. He was created specifically for Power Rangers and is now back in the fold on the latest season of the show.

Sledge joins other Dino Charge characters like Koda (Blue Ranger), Kendall Morgan (Purple Ranger), and Snide, and will likely not be the last new character from the show. We've got a few recommendations for the game of our own, but you can find the full roster below.

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