Power Rangers: Here's A Breakdown Of All The Zords In The Shattered Grid Ranger Slayer

Today the Ranger Slayer Zord made its debut as part of Power Rangers Shattered Grid, and we're here to break down just what that Zord is made of.

The new Zord will be under the control of a brand new Ranger who will debut in the pages of Go Go Power Rangers, and that Zord is mighty impressive. It's called the Ranger Slayer, which would also be an amazing name for a hard metal band if the Rangers ever fell on hard times. That aside, the Zord features a combination of several iconic Zords from Rangers history, and we're here to break them all down.

You can clearly see the White Ranger's Tigerzord face as the chest piece of the Zord, but it isn't known if other parts of that Zord are also represented. Moving to the left arm, you can see a Pauldron from the Red Dragon Thunderzord, whose influence can also be seen in the right arm, which features the Red Dragonzord's head and tail as a makeshift weapon.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

The head is actually inspired by Tor the Shuttlezord, which no one really expected but is awesome nonetheless. You can also see the Griffin Thunderzord represented in the left arm's gauntlet, though we're unsure where the claws themselves come from.

Speaking of the Thunderzords, the wings on the Ranger Slayer seem to be from the Firebird Thunderzord, thanks to that familiar gold, black, and purple section on the wings.


As for the feet, near as we can tell they're from the Predazord, though they are a bit more defined and aggressive looking than the ones from the show.

Assuredly there are other Zords part of the Ranger Slayer that we missed, but even if it were just these that would be one heck of a Zord. We can't wait to meet the Ranger Slayer who commands him either, but for now, you can check out the Zord in all its glory above.