Power Rangers Fans Getting Baby Giraffes Instead Of Green Ranger Legacy Helmets

Some things are just too good to be true, and it turns out one Power Rangers sale certainly qualifies for that description.

The new Green Ranger Legacy helmet from Bandai has been quite coveted by fans, but it also happens to cost over $100, which made a recent sale even more appealing. Unfortunately, fans are starting to point out that the deal turned out to be not what was promised, but you'll never guess what they got instead.

As you can see from the headline, instead of a Legacy helmet they received a baby giraffe toy. Yep...a very very far cry from the Green Ranger Helmet they were expecting. The first report of it came from Ranger Board user Kylash327, who posted "Got my China $25 legacy green helmet...it was a tiny baby giraffe toy in a padded envelope."

Some asked for proof, and as you can see they seemed to be telling the truth.

Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones that were duped, as others in the forum are saying they know of others personally who also got taken for their $25. Some have followed steps to try and get a refund, but it seems whoever they booked the order with kept their actual address and phone numbers off of things, so that is proving to be difficult.

Now the original poster says they received a refund, with the seller claiming that they sent the wrong item. The buyer notes though that the seller wasn't originally selling any baby toys amongst their items, but they did at least get a refund. We'll have to keep you posted on what others received, but it might just be a better bet to wait and buy the full item from a more trusted source.

If you want the real deal, you can check out the Green Ranger Legacy helmet here, which retails for $104.99, and the official description is below.


"It's Morphin' Time! Cosplay as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Green Ranger in a full-scale wearable Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Green Ranger Helmet! The Legacy Green Ranger Helmet Prop Replica is designed for long-lasting comfortable cosplay wear. The 1:1 ratio helmet can also be placed on display as a highly detailed replica to complete the ultimate Power Rangers collection. The helmet is made of PVC and ABS plastic. Helmet measures approximately 14-inches tall x 14-inches long x 9 1/2-inches wide. Ages 15 and up."

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