Power Rangers Series 7 POPs Features Lord Zedd, Rita, And More

The latest batch of Funko POPs includes a healthy dose of Power Rangers, including some iconic villains.

The new reveals come from FunkoPOPNews, and amongst the myriad of Movie, Anime, and TV-based POPs comes another round of Power Rangers POPs. This newest series will make many Ranger fans extremely happy, as it includes the oft-requested Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Goldar POPs. It also features plenty of Power Rangers, though we aren't sure what those will be based on.

While Zedd, Goldar, and Rita were expected somewhere down the line, fans were probably surprised to see a Pudgy Pig exclusive make the list. No word yet on who will house the exclusive, but past Power Rangers exclusives have shown up at Gamestop, so there's a chance it could land there, though Hot Topic, Walgreens, FYE, and more are always an option.

Rita has actually received the POP treatment previously, but it was the movie reversion from the recent reboot. She did receive an original version Dorbz though.

You can check out the full listing below.

Pop TV: Power Rangers S7 – RD Rngr
Pop TV: Power Rangers S7 – BK Rngr
Pop TV: Power Rangers S7 – BL Rngr
Pop TV: Power Rangers S7 – YW Rngr
Pop TV: Power Rangers S7 – PK Rngr
Pop TV: Power Rangers S7 – GRN Rngr
POP TV: Power Rangers S7 – Pudgy Pig EXCL
Pop TV: Power Rangers S7 – Goldar
Pop TV: Power Rangers S7 – Lord Zedd
Pop TV: Power Rangers S7 – Rita

So the question is which Rangers are those? We've already received a classic roster of all those Rangers, so this round could very well be inspired by another season. It would be odd though to pair those from another season with decidedly Mighty Morphin villains, so odds are it will be variants on the previous releases.

If that's the case we would love to see new sculpts of the basic Rangers, perhaps with their weapons in tow. Funko has greatly expanded on sculpts in recent years and looking at a standard Green Ranger POP and the White Ranger POP shows what kind of improvement could be made.


Giving the Red Ranger his power sword would be amazing, and you could do so with each Ranger, giving fans who bought the first round an actual reason to buy them. A different sculpt is a much better selling point than just a metallic or glow in the dark paint job.

You can see more of our picks for Power Ranges POPs here, and let us know what you want to see in the comments.