Power Rangers Legacy Wars Adds Turbo's Pink Ranger

Power Rangers hit mobile game Legacy Wars is welcoming a new Turbo Ranger into the fold, and it's none other than Cassie Chan.

The Pink Turbo Ranger will hit Power Rangers Legacy Wars later this week on July 6 (Friday) and will be the second Turbo Ranger to make the roster. The only other Turbo Ranger currently part of the Roster is the Phantom Ranger, and like Cassie, he also appeared in the subsequent season In Space.

No footage has been revealed of Chan in action, but the announcement does mention she will be a common class Defender. You can check out the full announcement image below.

Chan took over the Turbo Pink Ranger role from Katherine Hillard, who herself took over the role from Kimberly Art. Chan would don a Pink Ranger uniform once more for Power Rangers In Space.

You can check out the full running roster for Power Rangers Legacy Wars below, and more coverage of the game can be found here.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Red Ranger (Jason Scott)
Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston)
Black Ranger (Zack Taylor)
Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan)
Pink Ranger (Kimberly Hart)
Green Ranger (Tommy Oliver)
Green Ranger v2 (Tommy Oliver)
White Ranger (Tommy Oliver)
Rita Repulsa
Lord Zedd
Rito Revolto

Power Rangers Turbo
Phantom Ranger
Pink Ranger (Cassie Chan)

Power Rangers Zeo
Pink Ranger (Katherine Hillard)
Gold Ranger (Jason Lee Scott)

Power Rangers In Space
Silver Ranger (Zhane)
Psycho Red Ranger
Red Ranger (Andros)
Blue Ranger (TJ Johnson)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Pink Ranger (Kendrix Morgan)
Magna Defender

Power Rangers Time Force
Time Force Pink (Jen Scotts)
Time Force Red (Wesley Collins)

Power Rangers Wild Force
Black Ranger (Danny Delgado)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
White Ranger (Trent Fernandez)
Black Dino Ranger (Tommy Oliver)

Power Rangers S.P.D.
S.P.D. Kat Ranger (Kat Manx)

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Power Rangers RPM
RPM Silver (Gemma)

Power Rangers Samurai
Red Ranger (Lauren Shiba)

Power Rangers Megaforce
Robo Knight

Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Yellow Ranger (Gia Moran)

Power Rangers Dino Charge
Blue Ranger (Koda)
Purple Ranger (Kendall Morgan)

Power Rangers Movie
Red Ranger (Jason Scott)
Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston)
Black Ranger (Zack Taylor)
Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan)
Pink Ranger (Kimberly Hart)
Alpha 5
Rita Repulsa

BOOM! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Lord Drakkon
Black Dragon

Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Blue Ranger (Preston Tien)


Street Fighter
M. Bison

Power Rangers Legacy Wars is currently available on iOS and Android.